Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Time to reflect (I just needed a pretty pic).

Some interesting news lately in the world of MMOs. I thought I'd gab a bit about some of it today. I also wanted to touch on the EQ going F2P topic again. So without further adieu lets begin!

EQ2 Free To Play- More thoughts
While my initial reaction was one of great enthusiasm, I have calmed down a bit. Since reading over the F2P matrix, it seems a bit harsh in some ways, especially in terms of capping AAs for free to play accounts. I really, really dislike this. Unless they sell unlocks this really would be pointless to bring back someone who is already at the level cap or someone who just wants to lock into a level and beef up with a ton of AA points. The allure is being able to pop in and not worry about a subscription, it isn't that simple though.

Now if you can buy a decent unlock, say 1000 AA points for ten dollars, or even better, say unlock the AA cap for silver accounts for a certain amount of dough, I'd be a happy camper for those times I let my account lapse. I'm one of those players who will still spend money even if I don't have a sub, I'm not some chintzy free player. If you are, more power to you. If I enjoy a game I do not have any problem with supporting it. I'd like to see a better and more viable cash shop than the one EQ2 has.

It has been stated in the past that the F2P model for EQ2 is one to net players in and hook them into a sub and ultimately that is very true. You don't have to pay but it makes life much easier. Right now you will be able to get a lot of content for free though, some have downed the whole thing going F2P but it is a good deal for returning players, and depending on the unlocks, people poking in here and there. It is also a great way for new players to have the chance to check out this wonderful game without being scared that it is too archaic to invest in before trying it. I'm still happy it will be an option. Whew! I didn't mean to go on that much about EQ... But there's more.

EQ Mac soon to RIP
This really seems like a raw deal. I'd like to see players at least get the chance to copy their characters to one of the other servers, however pointless it may seem. Game over, really? I just don't see why this even is being shut down. I expect it isn't bringing in enough revenue for the company to justify the time and effort of making a F2P model here too, other than that I'm really puzzled. It shuts down March 29, 2012. IMO it is a very careless way to treat loyal customers who have stuck with the Mac version. Voice your thoughts on the forum topic (heh, they didn't even post it on the EQmac website) or just take a look.

EQ2 Crit Mit- The big removal.
I have one word for this uninteresting, boring stat- Goodbye. I absolutely hate it when developers add in all of these really complicated, boring, useless stats that in reality are there to prolong your playing. If you have to cap an ilevel, hit rating or crit mitigation- or whatever made up stat you care to chase, you're playing more, trying to climb up the latter to catch up to everyone already there. If you don't, well, you're left out in the cold. I miss the old days where we didn't have these stupid stats that dull developers invent as a carrot to hold over my head. It makes catching up to friends, guilds and the like feel like a chore. If you wonder why I still play games like Everquest (the originality) and all these F2P games, it's a huge reason. Check out EQ2Wire for more info.

Rift Lite- Free.... 20 levels- now with less aggro.
Honestly I'd be more impressed with a real F2P model, I'd actually play it. I just can't justify another MMO sub right now and as nice as Rift is, it's not high on my list of games to pay for monthly. WoW already did this, it isn't that impressive. Hopefully this model is less limiting.

I also read that the big patch, this week, lowered some mobs aggro radius and they have also thinned out some areas. THANK YOU! But my free days ran out so I'm not sure when I'll actually get to check this out. There is a neat festival coming up but I'm probably too low to really do much, ah well. Just go F2P Rift, so I don't have to feel so guilty about another sub... I enjoy 1-20 the most, maybe I'll play around with it, /shrug. Check out the site here.

Allods gets bards.
I love any game that has bards, I'd log in again just to try a bard. They have a lot of neat things coming around in the future and a mini site showing it off. There will also be some new hair styles added. I really wish I could enjoy this game more than I do, it is so lovely. Also more options for ship decor, that is really cool too. I suppose I'll give it another chance when the Bards hit.

WoW Patch 4.3.2
Hunters get a buff, mages some reduction in dmg. You know, the usual tweaks to characters as always. I am happy hunters are getting a buff, playing one is meh when compared to some of the OP flavors of the month. But, she is my main and my favorite, I'm not a FoTM player I stick with my chars. Not much else new though, hurry up 'Love is in the Air'... Think it is in another week or so. It will be my first time participating in the revamped version. I vote for a cool event with quick dungeons and stuff to do EVERY MONTH!

Thought of the day..
Why am I listening to the Bleach theme song? Oh, must be why all my faves were missing from YouTube... Teenagers, they are hazardous to ones blood pressure >.> (I still love mine though <3)


  1. Rogue is 84 now :) Finishing leveling up through BGs. Going to buy full PVP gear for Sub spec and work on getting Honor/Cq pts, and start working on dungeons now too. Going to give Combat a try.

    Would be a good time to start playing again ;) Rogue, as stated before, is def my fav class I have played in WoW by far.

  2. Gratz!!! Soon you can PvP with Matt, he was doing a lot a couple of weeks ago.

    We're still playing, we still have the year sub thing until this fall or so. Just not logging on as much. Did a few heroics, with Money, the other night and got a couple of upgrades, it was pretty fun. I still need to log in and check out how the hunter buff is XD

  3. Hunter's buff is nice. Most I group with have liked it a lot.

    I forgot you guys did the year long sub ha. So no worries from anymore lol

  4. Hehe, yeah I thought you might have forgotten ;)




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