Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's New?

What's new?

Perfect World
With me, I've been messing around with a lot of Eastern F2P MMO games. They always draw me in because they have such neat ideas that a lot of western games don't. It is always refreshing to explore some of these beautiful worlds with relaxing music and new ideas of play.

Out of them all I have enjoyed my revisit to Perfect World the most. I started back as a venomancer, which is a really fun and really cool class but I've played one in the past and I know the lay of the land. I decided to reroll a mystic which is tons of fun. Basically a mystic is a pet class with some great heals and nice dps.

My pet and I.

The newer races and areas in the game are truly spectacular. The casting animations for my mystic are so neat and suited to the class. The newer parts of the game remind me of Forsaken World, but that isn't surprising as both games are by PWE.

Meditation animation for the mystic class.

Unlike some F2P (Eastern especially) games, PW has a mana/health regen skill, similar to what you find in TOR or the med ability in Everquest. I'm so sick of having consumables to regen health and mana in my games, it doesn't matter if it is food, water, potions or what not. Just let me sit down and meditate and heal up! There are cool mounts, flying mounts, appearance slots and a lot of neat fluff I like. Will it keep me? Who knows, but I always savor these adventures into a new world and that is what I'm playing for, the experience and the fun.

Choo choo! All aboard the XP train!

Other than that I've been playing EQ a fair amount. I pick it up every few days or every other day, as I can. My newest alt is my monk, a really fun class with martial melee skills, self heals and feign death. She is now 75 and locked into that level while I work on some AA points, I plan on sitting at this level awhile as I've gotten some really great gear for the level and it is a good point to work on AAs.

Dire helped me quite a bit with 55-75, he is one of those people that excels in Everquest. He has the Midas Touch and flourishes in the game's environment. Not that I don't do well in EQ, but he just revels in playing and working on his characters, it's nice to see someone so happy with their game and so settled. He always knows the best places to go, what gear or weapons are best to get and so on. He'a always such a great help.

The nice thing about Everquest is that you always feel as if you are working on something to advance your character. If you're not leveling then there are thousands of AA points to work on, gear, epics, quests, farming, flagging, tradeskills, housing and so on. If I don't feel like running a group I still can work on things to progress my character, it is such a nice relaxing atmosphere when you compare it to the rush, rush of many newer MMO games.

In WoW the Lunar Festival is here. My buddy gave me one of the pets so I just have lots of tokens to collect and make some monies. I should complete the achievement, I don't know if I will finish it up but if not there is always next year.

I've been running some heroics here and there, with Dire and one of my good friends, gotten some nice upgrades and had a chance to check out the new heroics, which are pretty fun. We've also ran a few old raids, fun times. And... hunters got a dps buff with yesterdays patch, yay! I still need to finish up the patch.

Other Stuffz
I've also dabbled with a few other free games but nothing worth going into much detail over. Megaten, looks really fun but doesn't support my resolution.... I can't play a game with a distorted resolution unfortunately. This is sort of an anime looking post apocalyptic MMO with a really great pet system. So I didn't get very far past logging in and back out.

I also downloaded the relaunch of Silkroad- SilkroadR. Which is pretty much the same thing as the other game, I read that things are suppose to be different here but it didn't seem like much was. Then again I played in 2005-6 or so, I could be wrong. It was such a PITA to install and update, I really should give it more of a chance. The game still looks quite lovely, even if it is a grind it's a pretty one. But... I don't know if it is even worth bothering with.

I still have yet to get much done with STO. I made a character twice but the name must have been taken or wrong and it kicked me out of the creation, leaving me to start over. So, one of these days I'll get a character made and actually try it out. It looks like a nice game to pop in and out with, I just have to get some more time to play around with it.

That's it for today, have a good one!


  1. You....are a bad person. :(

    I had totally forgotten Perfect World but reminded me. And that makes you a bad person. I have no room on my MMO dance card! But of course, last night I patched and rolled some new characters so yeah, thanks a lot. *smirk*

    EVE, TOR, EQ1, CoH, STO, Champions, DCUO, L2, and the occasional Forsaken World are now joined by the occasional Perfect World.


  2. Mwahaha!

    I sometimes feel bad because I play so many games it can be hard for my friends to keep up with me. Seems you'd give me a run for my money with all you play, hehe.

    I'm really enjoying PW a lot, glad to be back, lots has changed. What server are you on?

    Oh.. and you play EQ1 too, very cool XD




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