Monday, February 20, 2012

Allods Online- Scratching The Surface

Earlier this month Allods Online announced the Play for Rewards event and I had decided to give the game another chance, to actually log in for an hour each day for fourteen days, scratch the surface and see what is really there. A chance to see more of the game and really give it a chance, I've always liked the game but there were things in the past, mechanics and cash shop power, that turned me off. This month marks the official release of the game with a great celebration and it is a perfect time to start. With that the game has toned down and become something really enjoyable. Two years ago I was so excited about the beta and it's nice to be excited about it again.

I'm not going to be able to cover all my thoughts on the game, of course, but I'd like to share some of my pondering and experiences since being back. I went in wanting to grab some freebie items and something to piddle around with when I get bored, but ended up getting quite hooked. I might not last all the way to end game but for me it is all about the journey and I'm having a great time.

Spring Festival Allod

I'd have to say over the last two years the game has gotten less harsh with certain things. The cash shop is still a part of the game but you can grind money and buy these items from other players, which is a nice alternative. That is also something you have to worry about 40+. From what I read, thirty bucks (USD) will get you a set of level 4 runes that will pretty much do you well. These runes help with killing mobs and taking damage. I'm not sure exactly the specifics but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. If you enjoy a game I don't see a problem with dropping a few bucks into the shop sometimes to support it. I'd much rather get cosmetic stuff but.... I've already gotten so much free cosmetic stuff from the game.

My bank is full of glorious, shiny, fluffy appearance gear. Much of it is cash shop items but I obtained them all through the Spring Festival, plus a few unique festival items. I was in fluff ecstasy when I found out there were repeatable quests for a mount, coins (festival currency- which is a world drop too), and other neat stuff. I've really enjoyed the event- Which has slowed down my leveling, spending time betting on crab races, running races and giving people cards and flowers, lol. But I have to say I've had a blast doing it. My friend, Rak, logged in last night and we gave each other gifts for about half an hour through quests and it was a lot of fun (great part of having a gamer friend who is willing to play as many games as I).

Love the mounts in this game.

So lets get to the nitty gritty. Hows combat? It is a bit slower paced, there is no auto attack but that isn't such a bad word anymore (WoW Monk, TOR anyone?) and when you compare it to playing a caster in many games it isn't a huge deal. Which I am playing a caster, the Demonologist. I'd say it reminds me of WoW years ago, a bit more challenge in some aspects where fights didn't end in mere fractions of a second. It depends on your play style, I enjoy both fast killing and a leisurely pace, both have their places respectively.

You have talents, so you have a choice of which direction you wish to go, a bit of flexibility and you gain your abilities through these, not spells from a vendor. You also can enhance these with rubies but I'm still much of a newb that I cannot get into this with detail.


The classes are different and interesting, the new addition of the bard adds a lot of flavor. I loved the bard, it will probably be my next character I work on. For now I am working on the summoner type class as I love having minions. There is the holy trinity so you have the choice to dps, tank, heal, as well as some support classes too, which is a nice change. Soloing is very enjoyable with all of the classes I've tried, some are more fun than others but it narrows down to your personal preference.

The world is vibrant and lovely, I love the art style, it does make you think of WoW, but it has it's own charm and style. I'm a huge fan of the high fantasy art style that is Allods. The characters move fluidly and animations (as well as combat) are really smooth. The game feels very polished.

Bye, bye newbie isle!

What I really like about Allods is that there is a lot to do. This is a quest driven game and there is a ton of questing to do. It is nice to see a F2P game that doesn't run out of quests after the first few levels, leaving you to grind and feel lost as of where to go. If you're looking for something similar to WoW in the questing (theme park) aspect but want a fresh new scene, Allods delivers here. Plus it has a different twist for end game, Astral ships seem like a great deterrence from the normal end game.

Other things to mention? Bag space is starting to become a problem but if you're in it for the long haul it is a good investment. I've already gotten a (free) quest for a larger bag and mostly I need more room for my plethora of fluff stuff. It isn't as bad as some games and more often than not you can find a vendor close while questing. There is a hearth/gate like ability if you hit the i key then you can access your recall ability, in this window. There are portals to other areas, some require a quest to unlock them. Portal travel is quick and handy, you'll find many along your travels. The cash shop works well but if you pay after business hours (server clock on website page) you'll have to wait until the next morning to have your gotatoes filled. A bit annoying if you play late but they generally are quick to get it to you in the mornings. During business hours it seems to be instant.

Rak and I being silly with holiday junk.

The game has PvP, Astral Ships (combat and flying to allods through the astral), instances, raids, crafting and a whole lotta fluff. It is one that can keep you busy for awhile. The game isn't perfect but I'm having a great time and I didn't expect to have as much fun as I am. Sometimes it is good to give a game another chance, down the road. Two years later Allods Online really shines.

More as I progress through the game. Hope you enjoyed the screenshots and reading my recount of the last few weeks. I've made a video showing off a couple of my pets, some cosmetic armor and the holiday special dance (watch in HD), enjoy!

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