Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Allods- Play For Rewards (Starts Today)

For the next seven days, starting today, Allods Online is having a very neat event for everyone to participate in. Basically you log in and play for rewards. There isn't really a huge catch, you log in and play for one hour over the next fourteen days and you get some really cool stuff, the final item being a nifty lion mount. Other rewards consist of several cosmetic items as well as potions and other things. So if you thought about taking another look at Allods, now is a great time to head back to take a gander.

This is an event leading up to the next big patch, which has some cool features such as a new bard class, more content and such. I'll be popping in for at least an hour each day to accumulate the rewards and I plan on posting  my thoughts after the end of the fourteen days. I plan on leveling one character and getting a feel for the game more so than I have previously, so stay tuned if you're interested. Check out the official link here for the preview on rewards and the details.

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