Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eye Candy

Eq2 gives you wings!

Hope everyone is having a fun and interesting week. Mine has been pretty relaxing, not that interesting though, well not anything to write about. Plenty of fun stuff! I've been puttering around with this and that, tired lately so Dire and I haven't played much EQ together but hopefully this weekend we can remedy that. I'm enjoying being back and playing my magician. Currently I am working on a bit more AA experience before getting the five levels needed to cap the new level increase.

I've also been puttering around in Second Life a bit too, it's relaxing doing fun stuff. I've been working on doing the new Linden Realms questing which nets linden dollars, it isn't a lot but for the effort it really isn't bad. Questing with a friend was fun too, we joked about how some of it reminded us of the old EQ days. Plus, it's something new to do. Also, I recently got a dragon avatar which is sooo cool! A friend took me to a place for some 'target practice' with deer, which was pretty funny!

EQ2 has some really nifty wings in the market place. I love pretty wings so couldn't resist grabbing them (yay, for hanging onto some of that triple SC). My inquis can use them to actually fly with, but for now my beastlord has them on, it is pretty neat to be running around super fast, hehe. Some people are already complaining about them on the forums but I actually like them. A bit annoying when people whine about things that don't cater to their likes. That is the nice thing about EQ2, it is an MMO that has something for almost everyone, a lot of choices in things, be it mounts or ways to level.

Anyhow, thought I'd post up some pretty pictures since I don't really have much to talk about today. Hopefully something more interesting to gab about next week. Have a great weekend!

Goldfish mount :)

Little People (penguin is a pet).

We three dragons! Pink one is me.

Float on.

Nap time?

Halp! I've been abducted!

Hangin' with the meeroos.




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