Monday, January 16, 2012

EPIC (1.5)

Second Life is having a New Year New You Contest, if you play you could net 5000L. If you don't play.... Could you go vote for me?! Ya' know, if you think I might deserve it ;)  I've joined the contest rather late, I don't have real high hopes of winning but I think my character has come a long way from my first week of playing which was almost one year ago (Jan 20th). I suppose it is sort of like a virtual beauty contest of before and after, lol. I think she is rather lovely, sort of has a dark Firiona Vie vibe going on currently. I strived hard to get that look too!

Anyhow, over the weekend I managed to get some work done in Everquest on my Magician 1.5 Epic quest. Previously, a few months back before my last break, I had some really bad luck with drops. However, this weekend was much better to me with the RNG factor and I managed to complete my 1.5. Not a huge deal at lvl 90 but I can now work on my epic 2.0. Dire helped me a good bit with camps and such, many thanks to his patience and help!

I managed to catch up with him a bit and group a little. He's mostly been working on his new beastlord, which has been a lot of fun for him and I hated pulling him away from it. It is a class I've always loved, mine is parked around level 78. I grabbed a few AA's over the weekend, gained five for completing the 1.5 as well. It was a decent weekend. I won't be equipping the epic, as pretty as it is, it's quite a bit low as far as stas go for a level 90. It is nice to have in my bags for the clicky pet buff, which is really nice.

I actually cancelled my SWTOR account, I haven't played much in the last week and I'm not really sure what I will do at this point. I think the clincher was the fact that I seem to get locked out of my account each time I try to log into it. I can put in the correct information and still manage to have it happen. On top of that it asks me for my security answer EVERY TIME I LOG IN. Annoying. And the fact that I have to go to the EA page to reset it, why didn't they tell me on the  [SWTOR] website, instead of causing me to have to call support? Other than that it really is a decent game. Ground breaking? I think the companion system combined with the story elements in an MMO is something pretty damn good, I just don't know if much else is that spectacular-At this point anyhow. I plan on popping in and trying to grab my ship [and seeing Corso Riggs one 'last' time- I love having a companion, I will miss that] before my time runs out.

And... I'm still playing WoW. I didn't manage to log in this weekend as I had hoped. I've been captivated by a pile of books I've accumulated, some very tasty reads I couldn't put down. I do want to log in more, after all I am subbed for a year. I need to make good on that and play up another alt, work on a main, or perhaps actually getting some guts and checking out LFR. Maybe I'll try a little of each. Also considering transferring my Druid back to the Alliance, we'll see.

Have a great week, safe adventures and all that! Feel free to drop me a line here and let me know what you've been up to!

P.S. This post is dedicated to you, Dan, I actually was going to be lazy today ;)


  1. Great postand I voted for you!
    Such a difference from the beginning yey! Kudos to you xx

  2. Thanks, seems the voting is borked and no votes are showing up. Very disappointed about that :( I did send LL a message, though it's probably too late as tomorrow is the last day.

  3. LFR is a joke. Really. You should check it out, it is super easy. The last 2 fights can pose problems but it is just coordinating a bunch of randoms.

  4. Nice transformation, quite the difference!

    The Misses can totally feel ya on the logging issues. WoW has been terrible for her for months, she hasn't played in ages, wanted to this morning, and yet again the authenticator isn't working right. We've called tech several times about this, each time it is 'fixed' until she needs to type in the number again. Today she got a really bogus error so it looks like we'll be calling them again tonight or tomorrow. Le sigh.

    Have not dabbled in SW but I will give Bioware credit for Mass Effect 2. Beat it, then got the Misses to beat it right after. She got a fairly different ending than me, though I do plan to go back and beat it one more time (bad choices out of my control, seems the game defaults that you let a lotta people die in part 1 unless you put in a code to unlock those options, which I put in a day *after* I started playing >.<)

    We'll see how SW pans out. If anyone is going to get someone interested in a story in an MMO, SW is the biggest brand to soak up subs, and Bio is the best story based company I have ever seen. They made me feel more for two nameless characters you *run past* in a big city hub, than most current games make me feel at all.

    I've been on PS3 in my free time so WoW has been collecting dust. Hope you are getting more out of the yearly sub than I XD

  5. @Dan- Yeah, I just want to do it with some friends I think. Probably try to get into one with Money or Dire soon.

    Thank you! For some reason my votes won't show up and Linden labs tells me that my membership level isn't 'worthy' of any help. What a crock. Oh well.

    Wonder what's wrong with her authenticatior? When that stuff happens it really gets annoying to even log in, I feel for her. Hopefully she can get it worked out and I'll see her online more though!

    I took a couple of weeks off WoW with being sick and playing a few other games but back at it, trying to get my moneys worth!




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