Friday, December 9, 2011

I Went To Freeport And All I Got Was This Crummy Screenshot

Yesterday I logged into EQ2, eager to check out the new F2P version and check in on my characters. I have two accounts so I logged in my beloved inquisitor's first. She started on the evil side but is currently living in Qeynos since I did the betrayal. No problem I'll do it again soon. Well, only if I could equip her gear... I was pretty let down that I either need to sub or buy unlocks. It will cost me roughly six dollar to unlock. Not that bad but it is like throwing a wet blanket on my enthusiasm?

Seriously, it just made me want to log out. I cannot wear any of my inquisitor's gear, may as well unattune it all since it will be thrown into the bags anyhow, maybe throw some appearance gear to my future BST alt. Hello, overflow! Add the fact that my bags are now overflowing, I am naked and I cannot use two bags in my inventory, I feel rather underwhelmed. I expected this but to deal with it for every character just seems like a daunting task.

I logged into my second account to check out Freeport on my evil aligned necromancer, I really wanted to see the spiffy new revamp! Oh, all of my characters are locked due to my not buying the race/class unlocks. However, SOE has announced they are grandfathering all characters in that have been created before 12/06/11. This is a huge relief. THANK YOU! I just have to wait around to see when they update this. At this point I still haven't seen Freeport.

Logging back into the other account I decided to visit my housing, one of them happens to exit me into Freeport, since I betrayed it stayed the same. But I can't enter any houses, it asks me if I want to buy all of them. So, I am missing my houses and all the items inside them. I put in a support ticket, I do hope this gets fixed soon. This is a huge PITA. I want to see Freeport damn it!

No worries, I'll just sneak into Freeport the back way, the same way I do when working on the betrayal quest. Except it won't let me in the city gates once I go through the (untouched by the revamp) surrounding areas. I give up. I'll just have to wait until my other characters unlock.

I think the Freeport revamp is great but I think it may have been more beneficial to more players to have just put in all the new and interesting stuff with a neutral city. Who knows when Qeynos gets a revamp. Great idea but poor execution for the whole player base to enjoy. Unless we all make evil alts or betray until the Qeynos revamp.

I know I sound like all doom and gloom, just a bit put off by all of the issues and hurdles I've thus far encountered. I am excited about the F2P, when I am not subbed it will really be great, I just had my spirits dampened a bit. Frostfell is here, I need to clean out bag space- Oh all my gear is taking that up for now!!- before I can participate in the event. I eventually want to buy the expansion, AoD, and make a Beastlord. Just not sure when I will. For new players I am sure this will be a much smoother experience and actually pretty fun,  for me too once I settle down to the task of getting things set up, at least on one character.

Well, at least I got one pic of Freeport... from the outside. Also a great post by Bhagpuss, check it out, who seems to be really enjoying the Beastlord. Ugh, my willpower is wavering.... I really want to play one now.


  1. I had the worst experience with F2P Everquest 2. On the plus side the customer service was very, very good.

    I wanted to try EQ2 but my computer kept running it in an invisible mode of some kind. I was back and forth with the CS rep and I decided to re-format my PC. I was so mad! After having everything back up, the game plays but what a let down. I asked the CS rep if we get to keep expansions features. He said yes.

    I thought races/classes were part of the game and expansions I bought. He still needs to get back to me.

  2. Yikes, sounds like a real PITA. I think some of the races are still locked behind the premium (or purchase of them), even if you have all expansions- If they are doing it the same way they were EQ2X.

    I have a bunch of chars grandfathered in, very glad or I'd be pretty upset. Before they changed that I had so many locked characters!

    Glad you got the game running, it is a lot of fun and I want to return soon(ish) to play a beastlord!

  3. I am so disappointed with how they are handling Everquest 2 for people that bought the the games and expansions. The F2P looks good for anybody that has not played Everquest or made a commitment. The expansion showed great hope but i can't seriously spend $40 on the expansion and feel so limited.




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