Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Going Feral

It has been good heading back to the Horde, seeing some old friends and familiar faces, working on our other characters again. This weekend I puttered around trying to get a few cosmetic items for my priest in WoW. I had some luck on the shoulders but nothing else. Dire helped me a bit with some of the instances, the priest is much slower than the hunter with instance farming and has to consume a lot, I mean a lot, of drinks. Her gear is still quite lacking but I hope to eventually remedy that, I'm just lazy these days, lol. The look I am going for is this set. Eventually I'll complete it! For now she is wearing an older PvP set which happens to look quite nice.

Other than that I decided to pick up my druid and mess around with catching her up. I fished up the Sea Pony from the Darkmoon Faire before it vanished, such a cute pet. Since my hunter is still on the Alliance, and will stay there for awhile, I thought the druid would be a nice character to farm with and run old instances on. I was balance for the past year or so with her so I thought I'd change things up to feral.

I have had resto as my other spec for the last couple of years, enjoying the spec a lot in Wrath. I don't know how much I really like healing these days, Cataclysm sort of crapped all over it IMO. I don't see things getting better, as in more relaxing and fun. I loved healing in Wrath as my druid- it was the most fun I had in years.

Anyhow, I didn't really have much, well, any feral gear. Questing gained all that I needed to get rolling. It has been very refreshing going back to feral, it has always been my favorite spec as a druid. Things have changed to an extent but it still fits like a comfy old shoe.

On another note, Dire hit 85 with his Rogue. Yay, Dire! That's it for me today, I'm feeling pretty rough, many thanks to my son for bringing me a virus home ;)


  1. Oh no, another virus? Eek, tis the season for giving, I suppose :P

    Grats on the loot across your toons. The Misses was also complaining at how often she needs to drink when she first started out. As both her and my gear upgraded, she didn't need as much, but there are still some pretty hectic aoe-fests that drain her dry. It's amazing at how fast mana costs skyrocket as you level up as well.

    Grats to Dire on the 85! I only hit that less than a week ago and I kinda stopped playing since haha Not really because I dinged, but I've been crunching time and rather busy. In my off time I've been dabbling in DC Online as it has gone free to play and I was mildly curious. I dunno how it is on PC, but on ps3 it's pretty darn smooth and offers a glimpse at what Monk-style will be with WoW. (All moves have to be done by key press, zero auto attack, etc. Ironically I chose Martial Arts as my attack style to boot.)

    I really need to update zee blog, but I'm kinda being lazy about it XD Well, not so much lazy but other things out-rank it right now, and what free time I have didn't scream 'oooh, blog it! BLOG IT NAO!' Glad to see you are keeping up with yours though!

  2. Going to doc Mon, thinking it might be an ulcer... Meh.

    Ty! I just decided to farm with the Druid and wait on the Priest until I actually have some help to knock out what I need, it is too painful atm, lol.

    I just poked around in DCUO too, it looks like a fun alternative! I really like it so far.

    Ah, I blog when I feel like it, sometimes I am really bad about it too, lol. But if I don't I feel like I am missing an arm, so addicting, haha.




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