Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DA2 Mod Fun

Since I finished up my first play through of Dragon Age 2 I decided to play with some mods this time around. Dragon Age Nexus has some really great mods for the game. I especially like the black robe for Fenris. They have all kinds of mods that can, for instance, help the party get out of the 'fire' (smarter AI) and such, glass eyes, different hair styles, I even turned my dog into Alistair... Lol.

I wouldn't of wished to play the first game with mods but it adds a nice bit of flavor for my second play through. I may have to take a few days off from it because I find myself rushing through things to get to the parts I want to see differently with the choices I make this time around. I'll pick up on my Dungeon Siege 3 this week and see if it is as fun as I hope.

Anyhow, with my mods I wanted to show a few things off! I made another video, featuring Hawke and Fenris, as he just looks so awesome in that robe and blue eyes seem to suit him more so with it. All the mods I've used can be found on Dragon Age Nexus and I'll list which I used. A few shots of some modded stuff too!

Blood and g(l)ore.

Alistair 'dog' mod. 

Anders felt a change of clothes was in store.


Mods in video/pics:
Eyes Of Glass
Isa Hair Pack 2
Armor At Home
TnT Underwear

Original Hair Blue Eyes
Black Coat Post Romance and Dante Fenris Black Edition

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