Saturday, December 17, 2011

/Drool- Triple SC Today!

My shiny new beastlord, merc and warder (vampire illusion).

Thanks to Green Armadillo's post I saw that SOE is having a triple Station Cash day today. I did get an email letting me know, this morning, but I'm lazy checking that sometimes. Today only! Triple Station Cash- The best bet is to grab the Walmart SC cards, if you can find one. Why? You get a 500SC bonus. These are the 15$ cards which means they will net you 60$ worth of SC. A really great deal on top of the triple bonus. I had to run out and grab me some SC!

Yes, I am excited because I've been waiting around to grab the AoD expansion. I've been dying to try the new Beastlord class and grab a mercenary to see how they are. I sort of wanted to wait around to see if the holidays would bring with them a double SC weekend or something, so this works out perfectly for me.

Forgotten are my other characters now that I have my beloved BST. It is a really fun class, I love having a pet and it is a scout class so we can sneak around, which feels weird on a BST. I've played one since my days of the original Everquest. I'm only level seven, just hopped on for a bit this morning to check things out.

I managed to pick up a healing merc, which is really cool. Unlike the Everquest mercs the EQ2 healing mercs actually attack. Awesome! The price of upkeep is so cheap, at my level is is only a few silver every thirty minutes. I've read it is 25g per half hour at level 90, so that is a very reasonable price IMO. I expected them to be much higher. I'm glad they are very affordable!

You can also dress up your merc in appearance gear, it doesn't actually equip it. More or less it just wears the look that you drag to the merc window, which in your character window tab. I have a ratonga healer which I named 'Little' in memory of our beloved pet rat who passed away recently. I'd like to try the tank merc too, see how it does. I am not sure if you can only have one at a time or not, I want to check this out before the cost of them goes up. More on that soon.

I have a good bit of money packed away from my level 90, I'm glad I didn't go blow it all before I took my last break. It is nice having some money to spend on things I will need as I level. I can see this new character turning into my EQ2 main. I enjoy the Inquisitor but not as much as I once did. A change will be nice, plus I adore pet classes.

Also, I just noticed EQ2 Wire has a link on the Walmart SC cards- Check it out here. More as I progress on with the BST. If you play on Crushbone, add me to friends- Sablesix. Have a great weekend!


  1. Note that, unlike some past sales, this one does not REQUIRE SC cards. You can pay for any increment of $5 on the Station website. The only bonus is the Walmart card, and that's a judgement call of whether it's worth an extra $5 (at tripled rates) per card for your time and gas money to get to a physical Walmart.

  2. Riddle me this. Is it possible to add station cash without having an active subscription to a game? As in, could I create a new SoE account, buy a Walmart card and get triple SC without having a subscription? I ask because I've often thought of doing something like this and stocking up on Station Cash for the day when I may actually use it for a game, whenever they decide to make one I'm interested in, of course. Is what I'm asking making sense?

  3. Aye, I see what you are asking. It is possible, EQ2 is F2P now, there is a sub model but creating an account and playing is free. Honestly, I think you can add SC to any account even if it is inactive, on the account info page or something.

    Or if you even have a SOE account you can tie EQ2 to, that would also work.

    It's a really good deal, especially with the cards :)

  4. Aye, GA, I just wouldn't do it any other way as that 500 extra gets tripled too.

    I suppose for those people out of the US it would be much easier to purchase it online though.

    December 17, 2011

  5. Heyo!

    I'll add you to my friends list as I'm on Crushbone too! Look for Civrotian. :D

  6. Awesome, Victor! Will add you also XD

  7. * Thinks a bit * Hrmm why is Victor missing from my feed?! Did you change your domain name?




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