Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Fun

Winter is here!

I must have been a naughty girl this year... I got a lump of coal.
In WoW Winter Veil is here! There is only one daily, a new one this year, but it is a fun little detour from the daily humdrum and there is a chance to get a cute little pet, the lump of coal (Lumpy). I managed to nab it on my hunter and I'm still trying for it on the priest and druid. There is still plenty to do as far as achievements go, I think I will work on them with the druid as I am having the most fun with her these days.

Other than that I decided it was due time to download DCUO. I've been wanting to check it out and compare it to my other favorite super hero MMO- Champions Online. I was pleasantly surprised how polished the game felt and looked. It is a lot of fun, combat is fast paced and doesn't feel repetitive. I didn't even really notice that it felt like a console port, after a few minutes it just felt fine.

I was also really happy with the character creation, I heard it wasn't as in-depth as CO or CoH/V but it has it's own unique feel and look, which is actually quite nice. I also like the fact that armor that you collect can alter your appearance, you can select which look you want. That was a relief as I noticed my look changed each time that I put on a new item. All I have to do is select the look I want. I took ages in the character creation, lots of fun just checking out all of the options.

I went with Wonder Woman as my mentor, I was such a big fan as a kid, I even had those Wonder Woman underoos- ha! Hey, don't judge me I was five! Anyhow, I thought that would be an interesting choice. I picked nature/bow for my abilities and thus far I like that combo, it seems pretty fun.

Something I noticed right away was that even though I am playing for free I don't feel under-powered. This was a problem I had with CO. I hope it stays that way, as I am really looking forward to advancing further into my current skills and abilities, many appear to be quite fun.

I also hear that the Christmas event is live within the game and I hope to check it out soon. We'll see how that goes. That's about it for me today- Safe adventures and all that jazz!

P.S. Can I PLZZZ have that doggie for Christmas?!

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