Monday, December 19, 2011

Transmog & Stuffz

Friday I hit 85 with my druid, which was very nice as feral. I've wanted another character to putter around with in old instances and the druid is really excellent for it with this spec. I've gotten quite lucky on most the drops I've wanted, lots of neat appearance goodies. It is actually getting to be expensive storing all of these items.

I've been considering PvP with her since Dire has been doing quite a bit of it, I haven't really felt the urge over the weekend, maybe I will later on in the week. I haven't really felt like doing much else than running Dire's alts through instances and just doing old content. The druid is actually a beast for this stuff, even in her lacking gear.

We were running instances with our best friend, which was fun but he left the server to raid with co-workers. I suppose I'm a bit bummed out about that and having to go from our little trio to stranger filled groups again.

All in all I've been enjoying myself. I managed to get the jeweled fishing pole from the Dalaran fishing daily, I've always wanted one! One of these days I'll actually start gearing my druid, for now I'm feeling rather lazy. Sharing some transmog pics, the staff is the druid class quest reward, which was added right before Cataclysm. Great looking item for druids! Check out those links on my sidebar if you're looking for transmog ideas, under MMO Fashion, those are some fabulous websites!

The Nature look.

My current look.

I'm so envious of her gear, so pretty (NPC).

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