Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Was Promised A Pony

Grim, Dire and I. 

Over the weekend the new Darkmoon Faire released, I've been pretty excited about it. Lots of really neat games for tickets and rewards. The island is quite lovely and it has been a real treat to play silly little fluff games, like wack-a-mole, for daily quests. Oh, I also managed to fish up a sea pony, very quickly at that! Pics at the bottom! Title comes from the last pic ;) Achievement for riding a Darkmoon Pony.

Other than that I've been working on my Horde priest. Her gear has been quite lacking so I'm replacing things to advance her in heroics and new content. My best friend has returned to WoW and has been taking. He, Dire and I have been queuing for randoms and it has been a lot of fun. So far we haven't had any terrible groups together.

I've had to spend some time looking up rotations and specs because it has been so long since I played the priest. I cannot say I really enjoy that part of things but it has helped me and I am all for preforming the best I can with my characters. With upgrades and reading up on the current status of priests, I've managed to heighten my dps output, so I suppose it is well worth it. I don't like to blindly jump into things when working on my characters.

I'm also working on my second Dragon Age 2 play through, I'm going warrior this run, last time I was a rogue. Lots of smashing of things, lots of AoE smashing! I am thinking of using some DA2 appearance mods, like in this video. In DA:O I used a mod to change my characters hair (you can see it in this video), cosmetically I don't think it is a game breaker. You can even change eye colors which I thought was cool. Dragon Age Nexus has a lot of great information there, if you're interested.

I am going to start up Dungeon Siege 3 also (my brother got it for my birthday <3). Years ago I just adored the second game, so I definitely am excited about working through a new one. It seems to be a big dungeon crawler which is always good fun. I'm also thinking about picking up the KTOR games, eventually, my son has played through those games but I never have. He brags on how great they are.

So, that is about it for today. Hope everyone is having a great week. What have you been up to? It's been kind of quiet around here lately.


  1. Let me know how you like DS3. I played the original quite a bit- didnt get to 2.

    Playing WoW again has been fun with you guys :)

  2. Got some good pics of us there! Aye it has been so much fun, just been so tired lately :(

    I think it is co-op, I'll let ya know how it goes, maybe we can play together.




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