Thursday, November 10, 2011

What?! EverQuest 2: Fully F2P

The old subscription model fades into the sunset with yet another subscription based MMO.

When will I be able to play EverQuest II for free?
We do not have an exact date at this time, but we are anticipating releasing EverQuest II as Free-to-Play early December 2011.

Yikes! Really?!

The latest news is that EQ2 is going fully free to play, no more is there only the Freeport server for EQ2X- All of the game is going to be F2P. I'm a bit shocked, especially after the whole deal with the EQ2X server, I wish I hadn't put so much into it at this point. I enjoyed my character there but mostly because I could access her in the F2P setting.

I supose I am not truly surprised in the decision. Free to play is carrying over to many games we never thought we'd see this happen with. It's nice in some ways. However, I was never the biggest fan of the SOE F2P model because it was so restricted (broker, bags, money). I need to check out the plan with a closer look but so far it looks pretty familiar. I am sure I will hop in to check things out when it goes live, dust off my inquisitor and necro and then end up playing for awhile, lol! 

One thing I would like to see would be server transfers being free when this goes live, at least being able to transfer the EQ2X characters. I doubt it happens but I'd like my EQ2X character and EQ2live characters to be on the same server. I have housing on both I'd like to share.

My EQ2X and EQ2 characters are on the same account, so will my silver membership carry over? I am curious. I haven't read through all of the information yet, I just skimmed through it and took a look at the pricing information mostly. I know I will end up paying for it on my second account, for my necromancer, so I suppose I'm not all too worried about it at this time.

I'm sort of excited about the thought of logging in my EQ2 live characters in again soon. That means more for me to do on a regular basis. Plus, maybe I can bring some friends along with me to at least try it out. I've been dying to get Twig over to try the game. She loves the housing aspect of SL and I think she'd flip over EQ2's housing.

All in all I'd say I am glad EQ2 is going F2P but it does feel sort of bitter sweet- For SOE at least. Maybe we'll be able to log into the other Everquest free in the future, I'd absolutely love that. I do admit my jaw dropped a bit when I read about this today. I was quite shocked, as were some of my friends. I suppose with so much to compete with on the horizon it offers more incentive to play EQ2. Long live EQ2, I wish SOE the best with these changes! 

More information on the official EQ2 Page- here. EQ2 Wire has some great info as well- here. See you in Norrath soon!

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