Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Calm Before The Storm

So, it seems I got into this weekend's beta for TOR. While I had a peek on the last beta, I feel I will get more of a hands on experience at my own leisure to truly gauge the game. So, it has been about two years since I applied for beta... I may as well give it a go!

After my last post I may have seemed a bit hard on Blizzard but I am still enjoying WoW. Looking forward to patch 4.3, I just can't wait until it releases. I am guessing around the end of November we should be seeing it. The estimation of the arena season ending is about Nov. 15th. I'm thinking one to two weeks after that. MMO-Champ has some great info on the new Darkmoon Faire, check it out  here. I've been pondering jumping on test and seeing it for myself but I'm holding off for now.

I've been working on a Lock alt who is in her low 20's but I've just been waiting for Dire to catch up with his mage so I can play my paladin. I've finished decking her out in the final piece of heirloom gear, with the heirloom stuff it is very easy to out lvl someone you're trying to stay within level range of, if you're not careful. Hopefully tonight we can do our first mid 30's dungeon together. He is sitting at 31 and I am 34.


Say cheese!

Spider 'mount'!

Other than that I've been fooling around in Second Life a bit. Hanging out with some friends and checking out some new places. Besides that I've been collecting silly things that make the game truly unique, from pig launchers to 'mounts'. There is an endless amount of just what you can have and do within the game, which is really cool. Plus, I've had a few friends trade me with some great stuff for just having fun. It is a very relaxing game.

So, if you're in the beta this weekend, maybe I'll see you around ;)  It's the quiet before the storm, TOR and 4.3 will be out soon... I won't know what to do with so much new stuff to do, lol. In the name of beta... I celebrate with an oldie but goodie, different game but still the SW galaxy:


  1. Gratz on the beta invite. You should have a blast!

  2. Thanks Pid! Getting pretty excited! Going to start the DL tonight while I sleep, hehe.

  3. Woot! Grats, Kaozz! Let us know how it works out, eh? What class(es) you got planned? What faction? Details! XD I was eyein' the Sith Warrior or um, the guy with the mini-gun on the Jedi side. Or imperial. Wuddeva it's called ^_^ Gunner? No. Commando! That's what it was.

  4. Thank you! Yeah, have a lot of work to do deciding on what I want to play, haha.




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