Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF- Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!

Meh, my TOR beta didn't instal correctly, freaking like 20 gigs I have to do all over again.  Hopefully it won't take too long as we have pretty fast DL speed. I am still pretty annoyed. My bother got into beta this weekend too so we're going to play together, which should be fun. He got in last time so he can show me the ropes, heh.

Other than that I suppose I'll be puttering around getting some stuff done IRL. Figured I'd talk about some randomness briefly.

In WoW we've picked up on some horde alts. I had enough of the lowbie groups on my tank. Nobody can act like a decent person, is it because those levels are so easy? Poor Dire had to endure my rage as I finally had enough and enraged on the tool off a healer in the group, telling me GO GO GO constantly, after waiting on his five minute afk. Then I just dropped the group in the middle of a pull and promptly told Dire to also drop.You're so big and bad? You tank it.

So now I am playing my 66 Paladin on the Horde. Will it be any better? Probably not a huge difference. Thing is, if I am going to tank I want my own healer- since I do have the choice. Dire is leveling up his 70 Shaman to heal, as he has healed over the years with him. I figure around 70 stuff starts getting harder, people start being scared of dying and sitting in LFD even longer, well, sometimes. People wonder why there is a tank shortage...Anyhow, we got them into our old guild which was kind of nice.

And, I've been thinking about EQ2 going free to play, a little more. I read that the latest expansion will not include DoV (the previous). It was even stated it would- but that was only a typo. Just announcing you're going F2P and then sucking every last dime you can, from your players, isn't going to make an aging game succeed. It sure won't get me to buy both expansions for my alt account.

Other than that. I know I will play but I am more of one of those people that would probably spend more on a montly SC amounts sometimes than a subscription, yet if I don't always sub I will be penalized and not be able to even wear my mains gear/weapons unless I go gold. I won't be able to use my spells.... So do they downgrade to the lowest option and I stand there naked? Pretty much. Not too enticing. Thus it would push me into playing an alt and I don't think that is going to keep me popping in until I actually want to start up a sub.

I'm not downing EQ2 going F2P. I simply am not a huge fan of the subscription model, it is severely limited in some (most?!) areas. Having more time to think it over, I'm not as excited. I do want to try the new expansion, we'll have to see how I feel by the time it releases.

Have a great weekend! Hope you Skyrim players enjoy the game, I am sooo tempted to get it next week! Here's to hoping my silly downloader actually works this time. *Shakes fist*


  1. I got my TOR beta invite too but their page was down :(

  2. Doh! Did you get it working yet? Currently in the queue now... 2871. Sigh...

  3. I haven't had too much time to game, so busy with my other stuff. I'll get back into it when things slow down.

    The past few weeks I've worked on some homemade cards. Although they weren't sent in time to make it for the Christmas holidays, those deployed should get them in early 2012. I posted about the organization on my site -- and on the crafting site where I'm an admin.

    I definitely appreciate what veterans have done, not just on veterans day buts throughout the year too.

  4. Hey Opal!

    I've been following your crafting in my feed reader, I need to get around to commenting better than I do! I read so many good blogs I spend my free time reading, lol.

    I bet those cards are very nice, you've made some lovely stuff, plus they'll be welcomed even if they get there a bit later!




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