Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pondering This Month...

TOR- To play or not to play....
I'm sort of at a crossroads on what I want. My brothers have pre-ordered TOR and one already did so for my son too (beating me to the punch on my Christmas idea). I am considering doing the same tomorrow. On one hand the game looks good, I like the direction the game is going and companions only add more sweetness to the pot. On the other hand I hate games with no auto attack. I will be playing a Sith Inquisitor if I do play so I guess it just depends on what direction I go, on how much it really affects me.

I suppose I will know after this beta weekend what I think on it. Nah, I wasn't lucky enough to get into beta but my brother was and I will be pushing him out of his chair to take a look at it, muwahaha! He happens to get into beta on his birthday, he is so excited.

WoW, what a community...
I'm enjoying WoW still, for the most part. I have gotten a ton of upgrades for my hunter in the last week and most groups have been pretty nice but there are still plenty of jerks that insist on making fun of everyone in the group and just ruining things. I won't stay in these groups because I'm not one to put up with a bunch of pointless drama. I do notice most the time they are so busy picking apart the group they quit healing and tanking and cause the group to die, I bail out at that point after poking a bit of fun at them. It is mostly the tank and healer, the dps just tend to wordlessly bail out if they think they are too uber for the group. I have to make myself get past it and jump back in the saddle again when I get these kinds of groups. These people can be so vile that it sucks the fun out of the game. When I get a nice bunch it is so refreshing.

Outside of heroics I am really enjoying myself, but I just don't know if this is where I want to be. I love WoW but I hate the overall community, it is hard. For now I am just going to enjoy it for what it is and try to have fun with the rest of my subscription until I decide what to do. I am looking forward to Hallow's End which starts before too long. Maybe I'll get the mount this year!

In my Second Life....
I mostly log in for Twig these days. I enjoy the game but I have to do a bit of planning to make goals for myself. She is a social butterfly and is just crazy about the game. Which is funny because she has never played anything like it really, so it is like seeing 'gaming' through the eyes of a newbie when I play with her. I remember being so excited about Everquest when I first started playing, it is much the same with her.

Twig is the dragon I am flying on.

I can't really be bothered to reach out to many people, mostly people that are friends with Twig are the only people I talk to. There is a lot of drama in some areas of the game and it isn't something I care to mess with. I'm more than fine being off on my own on the sidelines.

I've read about a few other bloggers playing Glitch and it sounded like a really neat little game. I decided to give it a whirl and it seems fun so far. I haven't really done too much yet but it is really a cute little silly game I could see myself falling for. I plan on exploring the game more in time. It is really a fun game to pick up and mess around with if you're looking for just a fun, relaxed experience. I hear it has housing and I've checked out the clothing and appearance on the website, which really add to the fun aspect! I've mentioned it to some people and they don't like that it is a 2D side-scoller but I don't find it really takes away from the game.

Maybe I need to find a game where I can be a hermit...
I've not been playing anything too heavily the past couple of days as my wrist is acting up again and I've had to wear my brace (yes, I have a 'gaming' brace too). Heaven forbid if I do 9k dps in a heroic and get called a noob... I think my head just might explode.

I'm really wishing Wildstar was closer to release (/drool) and I am checking into Skyrim, which I didn't realize was just around the corner. Plus NoTD is in a few days in EQ2 and I don't know if I should pop in on the EQ2 or EQ2X servers... Decisions, decisions. Have a great week everyone! Feel free to drop a line on what you're doing until TOR releases, I could use some ideas ;)


  1. While I don't need a brace for my wrist, it's like uh, my pinky on my left hand's kunckle bothers me. I generally spam the keys so my abilities go off ASAP, in the process my pinky finger has no real grip and either sags or is flexed out and that gets tender after a few hours. Helps if I drag the keyboard to the veeery edge of the desk before I 'get in the groove' though, need ot remember to do that more often ^_^

    As for what I'll be doing before ToR, hmm. Probably same ol'. Got WoW for another two weeks, unless the Misses buys another month for us both. If not that I'm fine doing minecraft in my off-time, and League of Legends *finally* came out with the Dominion mode. Still need to climitize to that mode, but it holds promise. I'm actually quite busy with other projects so I shouldn't even be gaming at all, so they are more of an after thought atm.

    Best of luck with ToR. I liked what I saw, but ultimately was drawn to GW2 instead. And D3 over GW hee hee But there are so many games out there that everyone can enjoy what tickles their own fancy.

  2. Ouch! I have a bad pinkie too. It doesn't give me as much trouble as you, think I cracked it slightly a few years ago and it has never been the same.

    I wish GW2 was in line for a 2011 release, I really have been interested in that game a lot. It looks really fun, plus the whole no monthly fee makes it perfect for someone like me who hops around, lol!

  3. TOR: No. At least I won't be. I even gave in for a weak moment to try and pre-order, turns out it isn't available in my region.

    That hasn't stopped me before, and it wouldn't now. But I just feel that this is too huge a title to be an early adopter. Wait. Watch. Then decide.

  4. I have not pre-ordered yet, going to wait until I get my peek @ it before I decide.

    Even if I don't pick it up right away I can always pop in on my sons account and play around. I'm still holding out on deciding it seems, lol.




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