Monday, October 3, 2011


October is here! Lots of fun stuff this month. I really want to take part in the Houston Zombie Walk this month. Hordes of zombies and all for a good cause! AMC is bringing back The Walking Dead, earlier this year too! Oh and Syfy has 31 Days of Halloween, good stuff! Has anyone caught the new show Paranormal Witness? I like that one!

In the gaming world it has to be one of my favorite months, lots of fun activities. I think some of my favorites would be in WoW, EQ2 and Free Realms. I am curious if Rift is having anything fun this year? Speaking of... I need to call them I received an email stating my account was stolen, so I need to see what is going on with it (made sure to change the pw asap).

Second Life has a lot of fun freebie items to collect, hunts going on and many Halloween themed places to visit. Twig is already in the Halloween spirit going around as a dragon... Or maybe she just fell in love with being a dragon. She's probably flying around somewhere with her dragon friends.

Twig, in her 'Dragon Form', and I.
What are you looking forward to this month? I am always looking for fun new events to check out. I can't wait to start the fun and get lots of goodies! October brings lots of  treats and some yucky treats like bad neighbors... heh.


  1. Paranormal Witness is AWESOME. I have been long disillusioned with Ghost Hunters for years and while I keep the realism of PW at arms length, I still like it for what it is so far.

    (If that didn't make sense, there are other similar shows like A Haunting where it is all *based* on first hand accounts. The problem with shows like this is that they often *base* it on what is said, then completely blow it out of proportion in the recreation segments. Secondly, even if they did line-by-line recreations, people are easily 'wrong' either with flawed memory or just seeing what is not there.

    Paranormal Witness has been good so far, but in just the first four episodes I have already seen a few times the direct narration of the people involved suddenly stops and the action carries on for a few minutes. Is that this series' loophole to add overly creepy stuff, to fill the blanks with better, scarier 'facts'? For example, Ghost Hunters just adds background noise through-out the entire episode, adding shrill "raaang!" 's or synthasized drum beats whenever they thought they saw something before a commercial break. End result: They almost never do. >.>)

    Woot to Walking Dead! I did pages and *pages* of reviews on the first season last year on muh blog, should probably do a recap to get back into the swing of things. I am slightly apprehensive of season two, though. Frank Darabont is of iffy commercial success (in my eyes) but it was his driving force that took six friggin' years to get the series on the air at all. Months ago he walked off the set, and that was the last I heard about it other than random clips promoting the second season.

    My hopes for this season, first is to have it come on air of course ^_^ Second, consolidated direction AND writing. The 'vision' was all over the place and characters would randomly do things that it seemed like they would never do depending on the episode. There is a big swing from favorite to least liked episodes all across the fan base, so if we could get a more stable director (as each episode last season was a different person) and a solid writing team (which Frank fired before he walked off, by the by) I think I'll be pleased.

    And when I read the "October!" title to you blog I instantly heard the Medic from Team Fortress 2 yelling "Oktoberfeeest!" Have had it's soundtrack in my head the past few days, so it might have something to do with it as well :P

  2. @Bronte- Haha!

    @Encrazed Crafts- I just love that show, it reminds me of A Haunting on animal planet which I hardly ever see on, maybe I just miss the episodes these days.

    I know what you mean about the realism. I just enjoy for what it is and like the 'creepiness' of it all.

    Ghost Hunters, I cannot get into that one. I so watch it on occasion though. It just seems silly sometimes, lol.

    I think with The Walking Dead they try to focus on the characters and their emotions more than the actual plot, human emotion in a setting. In the trailer for this season I think I saw one zombie! I didn't know about that issues with the writing, I suppose it explains a few things.


  3. October may be my favorite month, aside from December, I think. It's officially fall and the programming starts to get really good. Halloween is a given. It also used to be my favorite time of the year for gaming. Even though EQ did happen to have the same events a few years in a row as I recall, I still enjoyed them. And it's one of the few holidays I could actually game on and not feel bad about it. Once the trick or treating was done and the kids were spent, the rest of the night was mine.

    I'm looking forward to a lot in the way of TV. Ghost Hunters(not GH International) and Most Haunted(now cancelled) I've always found entertaining. I think I just like the cast of Ghost Hunters and it's a comfy watch. Most Haunted is absurd and I have issues trying to catch it on, but around Halloween Most Haunted shows up, like Ghost Hunters and they are both fun to watch. I'll watch some other shows in this realm from time to time but I tend to lean toward these two.

    Survivor just started. I missed the last two seasons because the casting was so atrocious. I can't stand returning players on shows like Survivor. You had your chance. You're done. Although I'll be hypocritical and watch this season because the two returning players are more interesting and may stir things up a bit. I'm just beginning to realize how important the casting is for these "reality" shows. I used to think it was all about the show itself. I was so wrong.

    Anyone happen to recall a show called Pirate Master?

    I still believe that show had so much promise but I could not handle watching anyone on it. I loved the premise of the show, but I had that all too familiar feeling while watching it that made me uneasy. Not unlike watching American Idol auditions. I just get this feeling in the pit of my stomach like something terrible is about to happen or that it is already happening and I'm in denial.

    I'm still estranged as this point so there isn't much for me to look forward to in gaming. Although I have become fond of hidden object games and they make a lot of eerie horror themed ones. They're quite entertaining while watching shows like Ghost Hunters. Shows where you don't have to remain glued to the TV the entire time.

  4. @EM- Heyas! You sound like me with the fall season, it is my favorite for many reasons much like yours. It is nice to settle down to a creepy program on a cool fall evening and cozy up. I have to fight for the controller some nights(OMG it is October you know the controller is MINE now!!).

    Tonight I am looking forward to checking out American Horror Story on FX, I can't tell if it will be good or not, we'll see how the first episode goes.

    I never could get into Survivor, I do watch a few reality shows but mostly all they do is fight and complain about each other which tends to get on my nerves. Sometimes I do find myself getting into. I don't recall the pirate show, I must have missed that one.

    Are you going to check out TOR? I suppose you are still waiting around for WoD?

  5. Absolutely still waiting to see how WoD comes together. So far I'm still interested. They released more info recently at The Grand Masquerade. The big question I'll have and most likely what will be a determining factor for me is whether it's F2P and they implement RMT. I can see item shops for this game making sense for clothing and accessories and I could potentially let that slide, assuming they stay on course in ever other area. I'm also interested in how they are going to handle PvP. It's going to be there and I understand it's a given due to the nature of the game. We'll see how it goes.

    TOR is most likely not going to happen for me. I've said to everyone I know who has been foaming out of the mouth since the announcement that if they go subscription, it's very likely I won't give it a chance, at least not at launch. Too much instancing and guided gameplay talk for my taste. The non-traditional beta has be concerned as well. They are WAY too worried about anyone talking about the game before it's released and everyone should be concerned.

    Let us not forget these guys thought it would be cool for a Jedi's lightsaber hilt to get bigger as the character became more powerful. They only changed their tune at the vehement disgust expressed by the community. Let us also not forget their initial position on crafting, which was and still is that is does not belong in the Star Wars universe. But again, outrage from the community was heard. However, this time, instead of bending, they've done what they believe to be an acceptable compromise and instead of implementing a fully functional player crafting system, they've made it so that your companion(s) handle harvesting and crafting. Oh, and they can actually run quests for you as well. So, in a nutshell, take everything that encompasses a MMORPG, remove most of the "tedium" or "time sinks" that many players actually enjoy, give all of that to the companions, leave what is left (combat) for the player and you have Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    These days, I struggle to comprehend what players define as a MMORPG. From my ancient and old school perspective, or so I'm told by the younger guys I work with who are unable to understand that patches of facial hair a beard does not make, TOR is not it.

    On a side note, I am still eagerly awaiting any tidbit of info on EverQuest Next. I still hate SoE, though. I fully expect to be disappointed, so for the time being I'll follow it, but I'll go ahead and assume I won't be playing. Somethings tells me I'll be almost 40 before there's even mention of what I may consider a true MMORPG. Maybe even longer before someone gets it right.

  6. 40? That's right around the corner for you, right?! Just kidding! I know what you mean though, I just take these games for what they are and enjoy them for as long as my attention span holds.

    My biggest beef with TOR is the no auto attack. I hate games that make me spam buttons, for many reasons not just being lazy... But I'll have more of an idea soon on what I think about it, luckily.

    EQ Next... I really want to hear more and I have been a huge SOE fan over the years but since they have ignored me with my beta reward (if your community managers are too lazy/careless to help the community with problems, what do they care about??) for the last expansion I am a bit jaded- plus I see a lot that bothers me lately, as far as EQ goes. I am more of a fan of EQ2 these days I guess. I still like the company but in the last two years I've had a several bad experiences.

    I hope WoD delivers for you :) I heard a bit about it awhile back but it seems tidbits here and there. Do you play anything these days?

  7. I had completely forgotten about the no auto attack. So yeah, that's a no go for me. That's one of the huge changes that killed Galaxies. BioWare's lack of historical MMORPG knowledge is astounding. But no, I'm not playing anything right now. All I do now is spend my time reading about them and lurking through forums. I guess that's a good thing because I can keep my finger on the pule of multiple communities and keep an eye on who is complaining about what. At least I'll have more ammo for my arguments. These days I find it hard to argue much at all, knowing the times just aren't right for it. Talking to walls has taken its toll. Oh and you'll be hitting 40 before I will. : )

  8. Yeah, yeah... Rub it in ;)

    I do that too a lot. While I don't play games I still keep up with them. I like to know what is going on, but then it has the effect to lure me back to something eventually, lol.

    You not argue? You've always been one for a good debate. You need to stop being estranged ;)




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