Thursday, October 6, 2011

EQ2 Dungeon Finder Today!

I am curious to see how the EQ2 Dungeon Finder works out, the servers will be going down shortly for this update. I'll be popping in on my little fury to try it out later on today, I am thinking it might be faster (same server queues) on the Freeport (EQ2X) server because it is a very populated server, more about it when I get to play around with it. I don't have a sub anyhow so Freeport it is!

Dungeon Finder is a matchmaking system designed to make it easier for groups to get together for dungeons.   The system requires a minimum of six people to be using the system to create groups.

To use the Dungeon Finder, click the “Dungeon Finder” button from the EQII menu on your XP bar. (Or open the “Zones” menu by using ALT+Z.)
  • You can queue solo or as a group (only group leaders can queue a group) for any dungeons you qualify for (based on level, critical mitigation requirements and if you have the required expansion on your account)
  • You can either queue for a Random Dungeon (and get a +25% XP bonus while playing that dungeon) or you can queue for specific dungeons by only clicking the checkboxes next to their names. (NOTE: You don’t get the +25% XP bonus if you queue for specific dungeons.)
  • If you leave the dungeon, and your group stays within it, you can use the “Return” button to zone back to your group without travel time.  (Note:  PvP Groups:  If you zone out of a DF instance and your alignment doesn't match that of the leader you are disbanded from the group.)
  • If your group isn’t full, the group leader can use the ‘Reinforce’ button to allow more players, currently queued in the Dungeon Finder (and who qualify), to join the group.
  • If your group finishes a Dungeon Finder dungeon, the group leader can queue for another dungeon immediately (without needing to leave the dungeon the group is currently in). This should result in almost no wait time for the next dungeon as long as you still have a full group.
Note: The zones offered in the Dungeon Finder are based off your character’s actual level (not your mentored level). Mentored level has no effect on Dungeon Finder matchmaking.

Full patch notes HERE!


  1. Not playing EQ2 at the moment, but saw the pink pony you're riding in your screenshot and couldn't resist. Awesome mount :P

  2. Aw, ty! I love that mount, probably one of my favorites in any game I play, hehe!




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