Thursday, October 20, 2011

News To Me

A few things have sort of gone under my radar lately. Thought I'd touch on those topics today! Some interesting stuff, you may have heard but it's news to me ;)

It seems Mythos-Europe is closing down. This is sad, while I don't play it often I loved knowing it was there to pop in and do some casual, laid back gaming whenever I wanted. The game went under years ago and was suppose to be picked back up by RedBana (who picked up Hellgate) in the US, but it has been quite awhile since any word on, well, anything. Things look pretty grim for Mythos fans. I suppose there is always Runes of Magic and other Frogster games for players to migrate to. Very sad news indeed, such a fun, lighthearted game with just the right touch of humor. RIP Mythos <3

Did you even notice City of Heroes went F2P already? I didn't. I heard about Fallen Earth but really hadn't heard CoH was too. Ah well, I may give it a try. I remember trying it years ago and being underwhelmed with game play. My son wanted a go at it when he was younger and it just sort of sat there and never got played again, after the initial burst of character creations. The character creator was fun but probably seems a bit dated compared to DCUO and CO.

Speaking of DCUO, I will definitely give that a shot when it goes F2P. I hope it is included in STATION ACCESS! Currently it isn't- or maybe it is and you need to purchase it, which I didn't do. Well, anyhow, I'll be glad I didn't when it goes free, heh. I spend way too much as it is! I do want to give this game a looksie.

Everquest has announced that the next expansion,Veil of Alaris, is now available for pre-order. I'm sure I'll purchase it in time. Five more levels for my magician to acquire, yippy. Cap raised to 95, I really hope they chillax at level 100. Seriously, lol. EQ2 is sitting at 90 and they've stated it will sit there for awhile, I think EQ might need to put on the brakes soon.

It seems many (P2P) games have held off on hitting the big 100. Everquest could have done this years and years ago but they haven't. I wonder when Blizzard will release WoW expansions that don't include more levels, if ever? I can see it now- Less levels but more green goo on the floor for you to avoid, twice the goo, twice the fun!! 

Anyway, getting back on track to the EQ expansion, no more limited bars for players. Yay, about time? Will it feel different? I think it make things much easier to keep track of. Most of my classes could really use more hotbars. Thus we get a UI revamp and will be able to display more hotbars with more buttons. There is also a mail/deliver system being added, right now it is text only. Just add in a freaking auction system! And guild halls, new guild halls, much like the current housing, are being added, pretty cool stuff there. Edit- After some though I think I might be mixing hotbars and spellbars up... Oops. More hotbars for abilities is good though. 

Still no word on the latest Everquest II expansion (Age of Discovery) pre-order, which is due out around the same time as EQ, November, or so I heard. Beta registration is open but I am not ever doing beta for SOE again. After countless tries on getting my beta reward for the last EQ expansion, I just game up. Yeah, shove that little gingerbread man illusion where the sun don't shine SOE. *Cries*... I so wanted one.

All in all the expansion looks good. I see people whining about it not being a real expansion. They've already stated that content will be added more along the lines of updates, in the future. We're getting mercs and BEASTLORDS. People will complain about anything. I am looking forward to the expansion, can't wait to try the new class and have a healbot to follow me around when I need it.

Last but not least Allods Online recently had an official release. I was poking around MMOHut (great site btw to check out for F2P first looks and info) and saw that things have been updated a bit. No more beta, eh? Rewards sent to players, I need to log in to check that. Mobs are a bit easier to kill. Hrmm, sounds interesting. Two new race combinations added too. I played when the game first went into open beta, I realllly wanted to play it. It wasn't a bad game but the combat really turned me off. Wasn't really the cash shop, it was the craptastic amount of time it took to kill stuff that pushed me away. So, I'm downloading the game to see if things really have changed. It is an undeniably gorgeous game, much like World of Warcraft. Check out the gorgeous video below, I'll be sure to post my findings as I give the game another chance!


  1. Here's my problem with the "feature expansion" approach to AOD: I don't care about almost all of the features. However, I will be forced to pay for the expansion (or quit EQ2 for a while, which is where I'm leaning) because the features are bundled with a mandatory AA cap increase. (Then again, given how every solo quest reward in the game is now guild-spamming legendary quality because EQ2X players have to pay for gear unlock tokens, I half expect to see all future solo content replaced with group: 2 content to require the purchase of Mercs.)

    If they were selling the new features a la carte in the Station store, I'd be singing their praises, even if the total cost of all the features was more than the usual $40. They won't do that, even though Smokejumper has admitted that this is the business model he would like to go to, because they know that many of us won't pay for stuff we don't want if given the choice. I have absolutely zero sympathy for the argument that producing regular content updates - which every single other major subscription MMO that isn't on life support does - excuses them from producing new content in their new expansion box, especially because SOE charges us more frequently than any of said competition, even before diverting all the pretty shinies to the cash shop.

    Incidentally, you are correct on DCUO - the subscription is currently included in the Station Pass, but the box purchase is not. This may be why they were forced to segregated the PS3 players (who have to pay full price directly to PSN, and outnumber PC players 3:1) from the PC players, since the devs have confirmed that this was not a technical limitation. I will definitely play this game at some point, but I remain torn because I expect the experience will be much better in front of my big TV, but I have much more opportunity to play on my small laptop. Oh well, on this topic, I'll concede your point that I'm complaining about a free lunch.

  2. I suppose I am on the opposite side of the coin :) Even if they add more instances, that won't keep me, I don't like the direction group content went. I don't really raid so I could care less about more raid content either. More levels? Maybe. I don't know, I thought Velious felt too small. Maybe that is me comparing it to the original, lol.

    I look forward to just leveling up a new bst alt and having a merc to bolster me (and my duo) along the way, sounds fun. I'm pretty uninterested EQ2 these days, besides holiday events. But these two additions have me interested, along with the new freeport stuff.

    I know where you're coming from, sometimes I just feel $$$ to death, especially after the Freeblood and the extras... I don't mind a cash shop at all, just not for everything.

    Ah cool, thought so on DCUO. I don't know if I'll stick with it but I think it looks like something fun to try.

  3. Any plans to dabble in Fallen Earth?

  4. I installed it the other day, going to play it. Just got to get in the mood for it, hehe.




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