Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallows End

I couldn't resist the urge to check out WoW's Halloween event, which was a lot of fun this year. Last year I missed it, so this year I figured I would join in on the festivities since my account is still active for a few more days. New pets to be had, new quests and lots of candy buckets to gather across Azeroth. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy holidays in WoW especially Hallows End.

Just thought I'd share some pics. It was very nice and relaxing just traveling to old familiar, and some new, places. Enjoying the scenery, WoW has so many beautiful zones. The Headless (Ringless, heh) Horseman was the same this year, as always plenty of rings dropping, haven't seen anything else from him yet. I enjoy teaming up for a quick group and then going on about my business. I really had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pics!

New locations this year. Love the decorations!

I wish my broom was a permanent mount!

Bombing the Undercity- FUN!

Creepy creepy!

Spooky town decorations.

More decorations...

Trick or treat!

Sight seeing.


Horseman... Got RINGS?

Blood Moon- Bloodmyst  Isle.

Put those fires out!

Aw, an ugly leper gnome on a broom.


  1. you're a glutton for holiday-themed content aintchya?

  2. Me and the Misses were doing the rounds last night, collecting the candies and all that. She was giggling at the Halloweeny decorations in all the towns and generally "Kawaaiii!"-ing out.

    It would be cool if there was more than just this way to acquire the candy currency, though. Candy is extremely finite. The current model forces you to collect *all* the barrels before you can get anything, really. Helped my bud get all of them from Kalimdor and Northrend, and he baaarely had enough to get one of the two pets. Based on that math, you need to get all of Eastern and all of cata locations to baaarely get the second pet. That's too close ot call for random factors (I think the candy gives you like 1-4 a pop).

    Not to dog the event! It is still great fun and I like it the most of all with Christmas coming in second (though it makes ya wonder if/how they will change that as Halloween got a revamp and a half). Glad you had a good time. I even took a few shots of the game myself! Did you notice Brill's Sylvanas statue has a witch hat on?

  3. I agree about the candies. The daily quests seem to give so little. I probably won't be able to get the kitty before my account runs out. I got all the buckets in one area but I still have a lot to get still.

    I still had fun, just wish I had gotten the horseman's mount!




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