Friday, October 21, 2011


So, big day for Blizzcon today. I'm curious to see what is announced. With TOR releasing soon I am wondering if Blizzard is going to try to pull something out of their sleeve to compete with a newer, and already extremely popular, MMO. I think Pandas will have something to do with it but I would expect it is more than that. I hope it isn't just 4.3 that is expected to compete. I want to hear something big and exciting, we'll see. I'll be keeping an eye on MMO-Champ later on. What are your predictions? Sits back and grabs some popcorn. 

I thought this was adorable! Blizzard fan art.


  1. During Blizzcon 2010 last year, Blizzard announced that they would not be ready to announce Titan at Blizzcon 2011, and I believe they re-confirmed that a month or so back. There is possibly going to be a patch 4.4 to bridge the story gap between the death of Deathwing and the next story, and there is the presumptively Panda-related expansion. Other than that, my expectations for Blizzcon are very low, and my experience has been that these are the only Blizzcon expectations that are actually met. (As I said on my blog, laugh at me again in 12 hours.)

  2. Yeah, I sort of gave up on hearing about Titan.

    I had higher hopes this year since they are up against newer MMOs I expected to hear some good stuff.

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