Friday, October 7, 2011

I like To Smash Things... With Big Hammers

Got my hammer and my penguin, all set to go smash up some stuff.
I cancelled my WoW account this week but I still have most of the month left on it. I am not sure what I want to do when November comes, EQ and EQ2 both have expansions but I am sort of wanting to stick around for 4.3 also. So, I may end up subbing again. I don't think I've quite gotten my fill yet. There is so much about WoW I enjoy and love, the polish, the quest, the humor.

I was checking out the heirloom armor the other day and I just had to buy the newly added plate shoulders for a new alt. I have been wanting to work on something else for awhile so I picked them up as well as the heirloom head and  cloak from the guild vendor. I was going to go with a warrior but over the years the warrior and the mage classes have been the two I've never been able to stick with. So this alt is another paladin. I have one on the Horde but I'dl like to keep her there and my 80 paladin is on Fizzcrank, I just want to play through the content again anyhow so no use in transferring it back here.

For now I am just not hopping around games much, I don't feel like it (for a change). Just trying to enjoy things for what they are and not over analyze every little thing that bothers me. Even though I sometimes get my feathers ruffled,I still am having fun with WoW. I am enjoying smashing things with my large hammer.

I've not felt like doing much in Second Life but Twig keeps asking me to pop back in to show me this or that, wanting me to meet a friend or see a new place. I know how it is to want someone you know IRL to play with you so I try to still pop in with her on occasion. Her friends are very nice people, just looking for some like minded companions. I do notice lots of drama and lots of romance, it all seems to stem a lot of problems and that is the biggest reason I have always tended to shy away from the game. Not everyone is like that though, I still find that some people are merely looking for an escape, a place to relax and unwind, go on adventures and make new friends.

There is no status in this game except what you make of it. Maybe you pay for land and have a great place or you are a 'member' of some sort of sim. Perhaps your avatar looks amazing. People seem to look up to those sorts of thing. As a long time MMO player, the sandbox atmosphere sometimes feels empty to me, I suppose that is why this game is so big on socializing. It's weird I guess. Standing talking to some people and not really doing anything. Nothing around to kill! So I tend to get antsy and goof off while Twig drags me around.

There are sims where you can battle but I imagine they are laggy. I've been told that with lots of scripts they can get a bit mucky and choppy. There are role playing sims, sims for different sorts of battles, sims to drive vehicles, vampire sims, zombie sims. You just have to find what it is you are interested in. Oh, and sim is short for simulation, which is basically a zone.

Glitch is sort of like that, you just adventure and collect things. It is nice, the change of pace sometimes. Do you enjoy MMO atmospheres without combat or do you feel at a loss of what to do? Or maybe you prefer the freedom to choose your own adventure and set your own goals instead of some NPC pointing out the way, making sure you're 'this height' (you must be level twenty!) to ride this ride I oft times find myself itching to go bash something's face in... Like a murloc. I like to make my own goals but I'm not big on making them from scratch unless it is housing! How about you?

Leaving you with this song which has taken control of my brain <3


  1. Had a really long responce but to slice it down to the bare bones: Smashing things with hammers is right up the Warrior alley! Plus it'll be Halloween soon, and those pumpkins aren't gonna smash themselves -_^

    I'm still leveling up my (3rd) warrior, and I can see why it wouldn't gel for some people. Personally I was bored as Arms from 30 to 70, and only recently started to enjoy it again at 73. I really like Arms too, have since classic. But with no real AoE, it was a lot of button presses for little reward. Multishot on my hunter, vs hitting Sweeping Strikes, Deadly Calm, Cleave, Slam, Overpower (make sure Rend is up at all times, of course), weave a thunderclap in there... yeah.

    We don't unlock our real aoe till friggin 69 >.<

    In short, roll fury or prot if leveling up one. I still want to get at the high level abilities, and it was not for those, I dunno if I would have even gotten as far as I have.

    I think my take of the situation, open-ended gameplay, etc, depends on the game and any current goals. I do like being able to choose my path, but I think I'd prefer suggestion to hard rules. Like the 'this tall to ride' you mentioned, I do not like having to wait to hit 10 to pvp or 15 to pve. I wanted to heal on my priest but had to grind my way though content to be able to do so, that was a chore I'd rather avoid >.<

    On the flip side, you *do* need something to keep you going, something to hold your attention at least. For example, I beat the snot out of Infamous 2. Got allll the little bits and hidden things (305 of one in particular) but the moment I completed all of the goals, I had nothing left to do.

    The game was still great, but I instantly became detached from it. Zee game was conquered and with no challenge left, I wasn't really interested. That's why I got a library of games and I never play any of them. You can only beat them so many times before you top it out. That could just be me, though. I'm not a big fan or rewatching movies or re-reading books I have already 'consumed' as I already know the punchlines and plot twists. Once you memorize the lines, there isn't really anything left, in my opinion.

  2. I just never can get into the class though I have messed around on my son and husband's in the past. They play much better than they did years ago. Huge improvements from when I first tried one.

    I suppose I always go back to the Paladin class is because they are so versatile. I can always heal or tank or dps if I want, probably why I love druids so much too, lol.

    I am the same with RPG games. I can't play them through too many times because it all feels stagnant after a few times through. That is why I love MMO games they constantly evolve and feel alive.

    I am so goal oriented. I have to have goals to work towards in my games. In WoW I work towards achievements and things already in the game which is nice because it is content there ready for me to jump into but with SL I have to do a lot of planning to find things to do!

    Awesome warrior tips, I still have one sitting there I may just pick her up one of these days.

  3. Come play Fallen Earth with me! (On EU!) Do it! The power of Christ compels you!

  4. WHAT? No Jedi mindtricks?!

    That goes F2P on Wednesday doesn't it?




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