Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ding 90- Everquest & Stuff

Yay, we're 90!
I've sort of shifted gears in what I've been playing, we both have- Dire and I. My station access ran out and I just decided to let it wait for now, Dire still has it but he isn't account hopping like I am. I'm mostly waiting for the expansion in EQ2, so I've not been doing too much there. I do feel bad for not participating with the guild more as we are recruiters (Dire and I) but hopefully we can jump back in there when the expansion hits.

What we decided to play is EQ. Dire loves this game and this time he's really getting into things and being quite active, I figured I may as well too since I've been missing it. I made a new alt shadowknight, a few weeks ago, but I didn't get very far on it. I think I sort of got bored. Meh.

We decided to try out the new recruit a friend program and it is amazing xp. Add in FV server xp bonus and then a bonus xp weekend and, well, I ended up with a new alt at 90 over the weekend.  It really didn't take a lot of time to work on her, we still played casually. I decided to make (yes, another) magician. While we have another on our other account, Dire did most of the work and I really didn't want to play anything else, I was really in the mood to play a magician. So, my new mage is my first 90, I have several sitting in the 80's but I really enjoy this character and think she will be my new main. She is a bit low on AA but it's all gravy now. Dire bought me an enhanced minion VIII item and my pet is pretty tough, I was so excited when he gave it to me! Enhanced minion is an effect which increases pet power, it is great to have for a pet class.

Choo choo! It's the XP train!
I suppose it is rather nice to have an 85 SK swarming mobs for insane xp, really Dire power leveled the hell out of me. The amount of mobs he can kill at once is crazy and nets in loads of xp. I couldn't have done it without him, I tend to slack off and he keeps me grounded and focused these days. He stayed one level ahead of me once I hit 84 and then we both moved onto 90. It is really nice being at the level cap again as I haven't really focused on it for years, always being a few levels short of it. I think the last time I was max level of a current expansion's cap would be.. hrmm.. Planes of Power. The last time I really raided in EQ.

Fippy raid.
Speaking of raiding we went on a raid last night, first at level 90, fun! While I had to leave early (was my turn to carpool giggling teens) Dire managed to stay for the whole thing. It is an alliance we are working on getting into, through our guild, and we should be joining up with them three times a week if we can. The raids in EQ are really enjoyable in my opinion, I always miss them when raiding in other games. Not tons of dancing around doing the texas two step, balancing an egg on a spoon, avoiding green goo while trying to do your job, not saying there are not mechanics you have to watch for, there are plenty, but it is at a more relaxing pace. And a much larger scale sometimes. So we're really happy with Everquest, I still need to buy a pretty little house and decorate it... Ah fun times ahead!

Ironically in my last post I spoke about a lack of interest in Second Life and then a week later someone asks me to help them learn the ropes in the game. Which in the process I have been learning more about the game and.... actually enjoying it. I think the inner shopping addict in me fell in love with the hunt for freebies! I really have the urge to decorate too. We'll have to see about that.

There are some really amazing places in Second Life and it is really the ultimate sandbox, there are so many different places, whatever you can imagine. Have a look you want to go for? No reason why you can't find something that catches your fancy. I chase clothing, skins, animations, vehicles, hair and house items down while trying to keep fun goals in mind. Plus, it is nice to actually play it with someone else. I'm not as social as she is, I'm more out for exploring and seeing what fun things I can find and how many things I can cram into my inventory, which currently has 7,914 items. I really need to start sorting it out, maybe that will be my next goal!

So that is about it for now, safe adventures!


  1. Those bottom screenshots are amazing.

  2. @Erinys- Thank you, Second life has some really great skins and areas, I love just taking it all in and snapping tons of screens!




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