Thursday, September 8, 2011

SOE Affected By Blackout

Waiting patiently.
Meh, can't log into your SOE game tonight? Dire was asking me why he couldn't log into any of our EQ accounts. Seems the websites/forums are down and the game gives a login error- ZAM states SOE has been affected by the San Diego blackout. Here's to hoping that SOE comes back up soon and the residents of San Diego get power back swiftly!

Ah not going to sulk about not being able to play, seems some have it much worse with no power. Here's what ZAM has to say about the issue:

UPDATE: At 5:30pm PDT the San Diego Gas & Electric company stated that "We do not have an estimated restoration time. The power could be out through the night and into tomorrow." It is unknown whether or not SOE will be affected during that entire duration.

blackout in San Diego this afternoon has brought down Sony Online Entertainment and many of its services. Currently login servers and forums are confirmed as down, though players already logged in seem unaffected. Zoning while in-game may disconnect you. Linda "Brasse" Carlson has been answering some questions on Twitter:
Brasse: SOE and most of San Diego has just lost power. No ETA. ;(
Brasse: “@cuppy: @Brasse Rolling blackouts?” not unless they rolled it out across the entire city and surrounds with no advance notice.
Brasse: “@gdcurry: @Brasse ACK! Was there an earthquake?” No earthquake discernable from this location. We are clueless as to cause
Brasse: “@NickMcLaren: @cuppy @brasse According to 10news, unplanned and no idea of the cause yet” [I blame the Vanu #Planetside]
We'll keep you updated when we hear more on this issue! Also check out San Diego Gas & Electric's twitter feed for real time updates for that area.

Find the original source HERE from ZAM!

Keep posted with more info filtering in through SOE Twitter and Facebook pages.
Interesting Info on the blackout.

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