Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanging In There

I'm still hanging in there, I figured I'd do a quick post before the week gets away from me! TGIF!

Life 2.0 
Last night I watched Life 2.0, a very interesting documentary of people who play Second Life. As a gamer I'm always interested in seeing what motivates or captivates people within their games. While I never connected with Second Life I did give it a try just to see what it is all about, exploring it extensively and getting a real feel for it and its players. There are some great communities and the game is a massive canvas for creativity but it has no motivating factor for me. It was fascinating watching other people though, almost like a train wreck you couldn't look away from, at times. All in all it was really good, as someone who loves being creative I could almost see myself having a go at designing, almost... Not quite! Anyone else watch it?

EQ2 GU61
Yesterday EQ2's game update 61 was released. AA points were reset (in certain trees, not all) armor was unattuned and reitimized. Today is a re-run of yesterday, in a hotfix this morning it will all be reset again, to fix a bug. This is a great patch, the automated looking for group system didn't make it in but hopefully in the next few weeks it will. The beastlord prelude is live along with; House rating system, new quests added, reitimized items 20-90, new dungeons/ a raid and the dungeons that scale with level, pretty neat stuff. Check out the EQ2 Wire they have a ton of great info, they've been keeping me up to date this week.

For decorating nuts the house rating system is very neat. I am always wanting people to come check out my house(es). You can take a picture anywhere (within the house, point and click) to showcase it in the system, which is handy. Also there are new tiles and dividers... Now I can finish my castle! Check out EQ2Traders for details.

I've not played very much lately but I'm feeling like playing and checking out some of the new stuff. Make sure to check your aa points and re-attune your gear when logging in...again!

Scarlet Legacy
This little gem of a game wasn't on my radar for something to play, I sort of stumbled upon it. I just recently found it and really enjoy it so far, it only went into OB on the 18th of this month. While I am only level 16, it really has been fun. Tons of quests, fun classes, while a bit 'spammy' on combat at times, it still has depth. This Taiwanese game was recently westernized and translations are sometimes comical but it doesn't divert from the game being very unique and intriguing. It has story, charm and a lot of depth.

I'm not going to do a whole review today but I wanted to touch on some of the best things about the game. I don't think I have ever seen a game with such innovative mounts. From riding a big ogre-zombie guy to having your rear end on fire (thus causing you to run faster-genius!). Every class can have a combat pet, there is crafting and gathering with depth, guild halls, titles with stats, tons and tons of quests and no gender lock on classes. Plus you get a horse right out of the starting area, I love free ponies!

The game also has a botting system, I've not used it but it could be handy for things like farming pets. I have to say I've been genuinely impressed with this game and I am enjoying it a lot. Plus, it looks pretty good on top of all of this. A very charming game indeed. Interested in checking it out? The official site can be found here.

And to finish this post out I leave you with a flying pug (and Gizmo thinks his morning walk is exciting...)! Have a great weekend!



  1. As regards to the GU61, I've noticed a few oddities!
    I've have a low lvl Warlock (30ish) I piddle around with. I have been getting master chests off of standard targets like a pirate on the beach in Nek Forrest had a Legendary drop.
    On my 75 Ranger, I received two components in my bags for a Heroic quest in Tenebrous Tangle, I've never, ever set foot in TT!?! Strange!

  2. I've noticed some odd things too. I think the itemization has a few weird kinks still. The other day I found an item that is for the leg slot but covers my arms not legs (it was an arm slot before the change) I got a kick out of those!




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