Thursday, August 11, 2011

TGI(ALMOST)F & Birthday Wishes

These days I am pretty content with my station access. I started up a new shadowknight in Everquest, still trying to decide which character I want to play up in Vanguard and Everquest 2 has really been holding my attention. I think this is a nice outlet for someone like myself, I tend to hop around with games sometimes. Ha, I admit it-Most of the time!

Lately in EQ2 I've been doing a bit of housing design, it is relaxing and a nice change of pace, right now I am working on a house for one of my alts on and off, so it offers something else to look forward to. That is what I love about EQ2, lots of options.

I started a Dirge and I really enjoy the class a lot, I plan on working on her and my conj when I need a break from my main. I'm leaning more so towards the dirge but we'll see how it goes. I really like starting out in Darklight Wood vs Halas, since all of the starting areas have been revamped. I suppose the glaring snow of Halas starts to get to me! There is some real nice starting gear in DLW and it really looks nice for an appearance slot once you grow out of it. Very scout like!

On my main I've been dabbling around with DoV questing. Last night I was rewarded a snazzy Pirate title and outfit. I adore it, it's so lovely! I can't wait to get it on my dirge, it would be so fitting on her too.

Dire has almost caught up to me, he is 86 now. He is still enjoying the game a lot and has made a new alt for once he hits 90, though he already has a lot of fun playing it now. I'm very happy he has stuck with the game, he plans on getting station access this month so we'll probably adventure in the other EQ too, sometime before long. Tomorrow is his birthday! (Happy Birthday sweetie!!) So, I probably won't post until Monday, have a great weekend all!





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