Monday, August 15, 2011

Greetings From Telon! (Vanguard)

It's very relaxing to log into Vanguard sometimes, the music is fantastic and the scenery is just gorgeous. I've been toying around with different characters to get a feel for what I want to play (again) and just traveling around sight seeing in the process.

Right now I'm enjoying the disciple and druid classes but I've been just messing around with several when the mood hits. I figure if I'm going to be playing the game on a regular basis (yay, station access) I might as well play up something I really enjoy.

The world is huge and travel can take some time but it really is worth it, this game is for those that love to explore. The scenery is just so wonderful it makes travel a real adventure, sometimes you end up wandering off just to check things out. It's massive with huge cities and towns. Today I thought I'd share some lovely screens I took while exploring Telon. Enjoy!

Ready for adventure.

The desert sky.

Player housing.

Wood Elf racial ability.

Where the tree hugging elves live.

Hi-Ho Silver?

A long way down...

On the lift.

Down under (the castle).

A lovely harbor.

I wonder where this leads?

Quiet night on the town.

Aw, a fairy!

My disciple sporting some fashionable appearance gear.

A beautiful morning.

Running with my dr00d... She sooo needs a mount.

Through the branches.

I gotz a new pet!

Have a great week!

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