Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nyomi's Magical Cove (EQ2)

I love housing in EQ2, I especially love breaking out (building outside of the house). While I've toyed around with it here and there, on a small scale. I wanted to do something a bit larger this time around. It took awhile, but in my opinion it was worth it and I'm happy with the results. I ended up with a fun house leaning towards a 'Hua Mein' feel.

I wanted to share it on my blog here as well as the forums, if you want to visit it please do so! Nyomi- Freeport Freeblood Lair- Crushbone server. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

Step on the pad to travel, or click a painting to visit Velious!
Druid Ring Port in, to the cove!
Front of house.
Bottom Floor.

Stairs leading up.
Top floor.

Back of house.

Island on side of house, back view.
Behind house the garden/workshop.
Workshop/sales area.
How can I help you?!
Looking to house from garden.
Island, view from front.
Dragon's lair.
Whew! Mother Dragon isn't home...
Doorway/portal leading out, clicking on door goes to guild hall. 
Babies and nest. Do they look sort of hungry? Gulp...
Dragons hoard.

Thanks for taking a peek! Tune in 'next' time for my Dirge's Gorowyn breakout ;)


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