Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random cute pet pic- Tut and DJ Mo (Salem-not pictured- is camera shy).

Just some random thoughts for today's post. I suppose when I get bored I dabble around more, check out games I've been missing or just some new stuff. When I'm content I tend to get a little stale. I still enjoy EQ2 but I'm just sort of in a lull right now, waiting for the expansion to hit. Vanguard is fun but there is a lot to learn, which I don't mind, I just don't want to 'overdose' with it and get burnt out. So, I'm taking that slow, well, partly because it is a bit slow to get going in anyhow. And... EQ, well I've been playing it for over a decade, not missing much, only logging in once a week or so. Oh, and Dire finally hit level 90 in EQ2!! Big congratz to him!!

Last night, while cooking supper, I decided to play around with the FB version of the Sims. It's really fun for popping in and back out through the evening, while cooking, doing laundry and so on. There's starting to be more and more interesting Facebook games out. While I couldn't just stick with those types of games they are fun for short periods of time, here and there.

I also tried to download a few new open beta games, Dragon Nest and Troy Online. I didn't get far with either. Dragon Nest seems to freeze up on the loading screen, I just ended up removing it, I may try to install it again at another time. Then Troy had a patch, great... Seems tomorrow today is launch day. Troy looks neat, don't know if it is worth playing or not, thought I'd give it a shot. I still want to try Rusty Hearts but I sort of wanted to wait until open beta.

Everyone, but Gizmo and I, went to bed early last night. Well, he finally conked out at my feet and snored for about an hour- Being bored I logged into WoW and yikes... my eyes felt funny. All of those bright colors! But those sounds and old zones brought back memories. It is hard for me to ever leave my games for good. Mind you I was only playing on one of those free accounts. I have one just for messing around in when I have the urge.

Since reading about WoW's Transmogrification system it has created that old urge to log in and go farm up some appearance gear. My wish to sport my S1 arena set has been granted! All of a sudden there seems to be a lot I want to do, lots of dungeons to farm... I don't know though. 

Since I'm being random today, I deleted over 70 gigs of fraps footage off of my hard drive recently. My HD is so cluttered, I really need to remove some junk off of here. Removing old games to install different ones, lol. 

Jedi have bad romantic
instincts anyhow...
Did you hear, Jedi get no love? Seems Jedi in TOR will gain darkside points for having a romantic relationship, because they are forbidden to. Interesting, for those wanting to really jump in and be a Jedi and experience the Bioware companion system in that direction. Really are they missing out on anything? Story, bonuses? I'm curious. I suppose they can always go the route of an alt for some pixel love ;) or take the dark points and tough it out. 

I do plan on trying some new FTP games this/next week. Anything FTP you'd like to mention or interested in hearing about? That's it for today! Safe adventures!


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