Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun Stuffz

Yesterday I saw that The Sims Social, on Facebook, had gone into open beta. I'm not big into FB games but I've always been fond of The Sims games. So I figured I'd give it a try. It's so addicting but there are a few drawbacks. I don't like how you need three friends to add on a room to the house and how fast energy runs out. Energy regens about one point every four minutes, or you can buy it, I'd prefer to just let it regen.

It is a neat little game and you can invite friends to be neighbors, a game that is fun to pop in here and there while chatting to friends. However, you can't actually play with your friends, their characters are sort of automated. My son tried it last night while his girlfriend and I were logged into it, but when I went to visit them they couldn't see me nor I them. I had thought it would be more social but not a huge deal. All in all a fun little browser game to kill some time and relax with. I managed to hit level six and I'm sure I'll dabble with it on the side.

It seems WoW has some interesting stuff heading our way with 4.3 and I've also read about the new threat generation in groups. Basically DPS, as long as you don't pull, you don't get aggro. Does this mean no healing threat again?! That would be sweeeet.

I welcome the threat changes and it's not surprising to see this change. I mean they are always trying to change things around, who knows with the next expansion it could be reverted. Blizzard is always changing something in WoW. I think it is a fun move especially for pugs. I was surprised that the mechanic was actually implemented with raids. Honestly I don't care much for raiding in WoW anymore so it isn't a huge deal for me. Read more about it here at the  Dev Watercooler post.

What really has me insterested in playing my characters is the Transmogrification! Finally appearance choices for WoW, I was thinking it would be cooler just to have appearance slots but then the Void Storage connected to this mechanic sounds like a really cool deal. 80 extra slots to stick your appearance gear in! I've been saving tons of gear on my hunter for this day!! Finally I can clean out my bank! I will definitely be heading back when this goes live. I'm ready for it to be here NOW. Now, now, now!  Yes, I am the biggest fluff junkie you may ever meet! So, of course, I have to try it!

Save the Dates! Rift looks to be ramping up for some fun to end the summer with a celebration:
This September marks RIFT’s half-birthday, but who can wait that long to celebrate this awesome MMO? From August 25 to 31, we’ll be offering all sorts of rewards like ramped-up XP and Prestige gain for subscribers, and letting former players and newcomers play for free (with no level restriction)! And did we mention prizes? Save the dates to party in Telara and look for more information, coming your way soon!

I don't know if I'm that tempted to join in but it is nice to see them keeping things fun and entertaining on a regular basis. But hey, if it is free time, I might poke my head in there to see how my chars are doing.

This news just in: The Monkey and Pid are plotting to use kittens and begging to sway me to play TOR... What to do?!! Must resist! Thoughts of a Sith Inquisitor are starting to take form... Help! You're my only hope!~



  1. but but but, you just gotta play...the game will stink if you don't. Do you want to have to live with that guilt? LOL

  2. I don't know if I can live with that guilt! Now you guys have me considering a pre-order >.<

  3. Mwa ha ha...something something something dark side. Something something something complete.




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