Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Hopes

Sometimes it feels like that!

I was thinking, recently, what do I want from a new game? If I were to pick up and try a new game there a few things I have hopes for. I'm not craving something outlandish and different but more so tried and true, these days. My hopes for new games on the horizon? BTW, CAPS GET THE POINT ACROSS TODAY!

Solid content. This includes leveling up and high end. I don't want to be spending tons of time looking for things to do or where some silly quest mobs are. I want to be kept busy along the way. Once I get to the top give me things to do. Not one or two small dungeons to run over and over until my eyes bleed. Keep the player engaged and enjoying themselves.

I want a game that isn't forcing players to use a billion addons (OR EMBRACING THIS). Hell, I am so sick of addons! I could care less if I ever see another. Keep it simple, elegant and fun. Once you get where you need so many (UR NOT TEH COOL UNLESS U USE EM- OR UR CRIPPLED WITHOUT THEM) it sucks the fun out of things. Sure they are handy, but really it takes away from the game at some point.

Instances and raids. I want to instance and get things done. If I can't raid I want to be able to get something done! That is a BIG deal with me. I'm sick of regular and heroic content. Just give me freaking dungeons and stop trying to keep me busy by just making them harder. (LOOKS AT WOW) I'm not chasing after your nubby carrot if it is stupidly hard for GROUP content. Seriously. I don't want a cake walk but I don't want to waste my time over trivial content. Let the raids be the place for wipefests. I don't need DEADMINES, on heroic, kicking my ass. That's truly an insult. (Har- Har- Joke)

No more pointless achievements that require all my time. Please stop with the pointless achievements. If they don't reward me with something worthwhile: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM. I don't care to waste endless hours for a title. If it's reasonable and I don't have to do every quest in the game, I don't mind. Kill 500 orcs, well in due time I'll get it (given there are more orcs as I level). I don't want to backtrack and do low level quests just for a stupid title. If there is no point to the achievement besides showing off what I did, I don't want it. If you're heading in the elitist direction, or rather, following in someone's (WoW) footsteps.. I don't want to play your game.

Don't split factions. Sure keep them separate as far as lore goes but don't divide the player base. We now use CROSS SERVER instances because of this mistake- which basically turned WoW's community to mush- What was left of it. Games like EQ, EQ2 and so on.. They pull from the whole server to do raids and instances and it keeps a server healthy.

For heaven's sake add in a broker/auction system. If you don't your chasing off your potential player base. If you have a game without one (YES. YOU. EVERQUEST... I DON'T LIKE YOUR OUTDATED TRADER SYSTEM) you should reconsider. Nothing else need be said on this topic.

Fluff. While not everyone is into it, there are things I think should be considered. Add a variety of mount types from vendors and reputations and so on. Pretty please! Things like player housing and guild housing may appear to be merely fluff (They can add utility- Look at EQ2 and EQ) but they can enrich a game and add a bit of charm for players.  Another thing I would love to see more of- APPEARANCE SLOTS- CONSIDER THEM!!! Pets, pets and more pets. People love cute little pets.

PvP. People like this. Keep it separate from the regular game play. DO offer PvP and PvE servers. This makes people happy on both sides. Add meaningful rewards as an alternate type of play. Don't force it down anyones throat though. People DO NOT LIKE THIS.

Some other things would include:
-A little bit of humor never hurt things!
-Good Graphics -but- nothing overdone and laggy.
-Touching base (often) with the customers/community.
-Good, solid support.
-Good In-Game travel... Please don't make it painful and slow. I want to travel with ease and PLAY. 
-Not taking 'ten years' to chip away at a mob to kill it... *snore*
-Fun alternate things to do such as cooking, fishing and so on, netting fun rewards as you progress.

I suppose are the top things on my list today. If a new game comes out and knocks all of that out.. I'd play it in a heartbeat. Of course these are my opinions and not everyone may agree, but hey, that's life! What are your hopes?



  1. That's a very solid list you've got there, I agree with it one hundred percent! The more I read this list, the more I want to play this magical game!

    BTW, I love that picture!

  2. Hehe thanks! It's just the little things that can make such a big difference.

    One can dream right?!

  3. Hiya Kaozz,

    I like your list. I'm not one for achievements, well... at least the one that Blizz doles out so I make up my own and do them. :)

    I'd like to see more incentives doled out across all levels not everyone wants to play their main all the time, and the fact that some games mainly focuses on that can make some players who don't have a lot of playtime or simply don't want to play end-game feel left out.

    I could think of more things I'd like to see. Actually I did already. They are in a draft post I started about a week ago. However I'm too lazy to look at it and I'm drawing a blank since I'm tired, hee hee.

  4. Hey Pouncie!

    Thanks! I agree with the achievements some fun goals while leveling that actually meant something might be good. Fast and the furious.. Oh yay I got my epic skill. Thanks for telling me. I'm such a unique special flower.

    IF we could use the points it might be something, but they backed out on that idea. :(

  5. I agree with all of this. These would be many of the points to my ideal game...and that goes double for the appearance gear!

  6. I could make a huge list! But I try not to drone on lol.

    I sooo crave appearance slots. I think I would wear my S1 arena set ALL the time lol. I loved that one. Instead I look like a noob again at 85 in the ugly generic looking mail.

    I hope plate looks a bit better once the Pally gets there!




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