Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heralds of Destiny (Everquest- Lanys T`Vyl)

Someone recently asked me 'Do you have friends from your games you really miss talking to, that you lost touch with?' I have plenty, it always seems that the list gets longer as the years go by, people change games, quit and so on, never to be heard from again. Email addresses sometimes get lost or we get lazy. I hate losing touch, it happens though.

I have made a lot of wonderful friends over the years in my MMO games, I even met the Mr. in Everquest. I think my Everquest friends hold some of the most wonderful memories out of any game. I suppose partly because everything was so new to me, like nothing I had ever been part of. We relied on each other more and that made friendships hold a lot of value.

Heralds of Destiny. That was my first guild in any MMO. I loved it. We never raided the big stuff but we did what we could, making alt nights and just fun runs packing everyone we could into small zones, dying, running, laughing and just having a great time. I remember a drunken guild member yelling an (in-game) marriage proposal on one run, ah the memories!

They each make me smile when I think of these old friends. I sometimes wonder if they ever pop back into see the game, Lanys is now Tunare, it just feels too weird for me to go back there. I remember our first time running to Karnors Castle. It was scary! Seriously. Running from the druid rings, blindly in the snow! Gah!

Our guild Najena run was fun until my pet aggro'd the whole room at one point. Good fun still. Tower of Frozen Shadow, I don't think we ever made it to the top but I do remember having a blast. I loved that guild, when presented the option to move onto a sister (raid oriented) guild, I passed it up. Instead I eventually became guild leader, for a brief but lovely time. Eventually it just got to be more than I had in me, at the time.

I have other friends from EQ I miss a lot, I'll probably never talk to them again, sad isn't it? Sometimes you think you'll see them tomorrow and tomorrow and one day they're gone. Sort of feels like a different game doesn't it? Some still keep in touch, I'm glad they do!

And yeah.... been playing some EQ after feeling that nostalgia. I'm playing mostly on my ...third EQ account (we use to enjoy boxing /boggle), this one has station access so I might as well utilize it!

So here's to the Heralds of Destiny and all of my many friends from over the years... That crazy Paladin who loved to 'sing' Linkin Park and would follow me to the death of us, the  young wizzy who had man after every character's name, the crazy necro from NY who had a bad habit of falling asleep at the keyboard, that ranger friend who always seemed to find me when I got lost and to the many others I haven't mentioned. /raises her stein of mogguk RIP Lanys T'Vyl



  1. Play EQ...on BB. You know you want to.

  2. /move to FV!!! DOUBLE XP!!! You know you want it ;)




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