Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thundercats Ho! (FR)

New Fire Pegasus mount and pet, also the new lakeside lot.
Free Realms has some new goodies this month. Apparently all members were awarded the Fan Faire packs, lots of cool stuff- Flame Pegasus, Flame pet pony, Fan Faire shirt, 200,000 gold and a new lot. Being a lifetime member, I was pretty excited to get these 'accidental' gifts. The word on this gift pack is:

‎[Zatozia] During the process of granting the Fan Faire in-game item pack to Fan Faire attendees, the robgoblins tinkered with the machines and caused all Members to get the pack instead. If you are a Member, don't worry, you can keep the gift! If you are one of the Fan Faire attendees, don't worry either! We'll be granting a new item in the near future!

There is also a promotion going on for three free items; Thundercats T-Shirt, poster and Sword of Omens. If you're a big kid at heart who remembers the 80's cartoon you'll probably get a kick out of it, much like me. However, the promotion is for the new (anime style) Thunder Cats cartoon on Cartoon Network. I saw it on the other night and while it is different it still has the same feel to it.

Thundercats Ho! Sword of Omens.
Just thought I'd pass on the info. I still log into Free Reams here and there, I wish new updates would come out soon so there would be more to do. Here's looking forward to things to come!



  1. The new Thundercats sucks! It's too... docile, too... timid I guess...

  2. I never saw the old stuff, and what I did seemed like melodramatic camp. I know there are quite a few broken monitors with various bludgeoning items cursed with my name from that statement, but that's what I recall. (I don't only think 'Cats was like that, by the way. Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Jem. All of it.)

    I did catch the new 'Cats on cartoon network, but that was only because the Misses wanted to watch it and I can't avoid it from this perspective while I'm on the PC. I thought it was pretty good, but I'm coming in from a clean perspective. The only thing that was mildly out of place was that snarf thing not talking, but I don't see a silent snarf as anything but and upgrade in my opinion...

  3. @Bronte- I didn't see much of it, the anime style distracted me, heh. I couldn't get over how 'young' Liono looked.

    @EncrazedCrafts- Aw, I liked those shows a lot! Well GI Joe I couldn't always get into, it wasn't my cup of tea... just sometimes wasn't anything else on, lol.

    I still love to watch reruns of those old 80's cartoons. Ah, the memories! I sat and watched Jem and She-Ra for hours not too long ago, lol.

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