Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

A brief visit in Qeynos, with my entourage of pets.
Last week our EQ2 server, Crushbone, finished up the Dragon Ring event in the Great Divide. I was actually there which was very neat but the lag was horrific. Halting delays from all the people in the zone during combat. I was glad to be able to participate though, plus I was rewarded 400 tokens to spend at the vendor. Also we received a pocket portal for this druid ring and a nifty title- 'Of The Dragon Ring'.

Tinkerfest hit Norrath and I've never had the chance to participate, I suppose I have been unsubbed in the past when it came around. It is a cute event lots of fun stuff to do, shineys to collect and some really fun rewards. I managed to work my tinkering up in order to be able to use three of the four recipe collections on the tinkerfest merchant. I still have to run my alt out there to do a few but we still have the rest of the week to finish it up.

Yay, Tinkerfest!
The double xp event over the weekend was great, I managed to hit 21 with my Conj alt and grab a few aa with my main. I've also started on my epic quest, slowly. I've just been mainly working on things I've wanted with my main and focusing on enjoying 90.

Last night I betrayed to Qeynos from Freeport. I did the betrayal quest on another character about two years ago. It was on a much lower level character around level 30 and much harder at that level, I remember it being quite tough. Last night on my inquisitor it was a breeze. I just chewed through the mobs. I would never have betrayed if the inquisitor had not changed into a neutral class, so I didn't have to switch to a templar. I have no interest in changing my class, I enjoy it a lot.

I suppose the reasons I did so might be silly and small to some, I wanted to change my deity to one only a good aligned character can do and grab up a few houses. With my guild hall having housing portals I never have to worry about being unable to access my homes on the other side. Sure, I could have gotten them with my alt but I don't know, it just seemed cooler to do it with my main. I'm grabbing a few more houses, I think a Kelethin and a Qeynos home, and then betraying back. I'm not saying it is a walk in the park betraying either, it's not very fun but it isn't as bad with a 90 character. Doing it twice in one week, meh.

Deity's in EQ are really not a huge deal, they are nice though. You can gain certain abilities which you'll have to recharge with another offering. Some of them are quite handy and some deity's are better for certain classes than others. Especially since the stat changes we've had in the game. Little did I know the deity I was after required you to enter a heroic dungeon that scales with level...

Nobody on the guild was on, it was late and I was really let down upon finding this out. I've done a few deity quests in my time and this was the first I ever had that seemed to require a group, I was sort of fuming about this. These mobs ended up being heroic ^^^ 90-92 mobs in the zone Befallen. Befallen in the original EQ was a lower level dungeon so I went expecting this to be a cake walk. So, I figured I'd try to take on a few, if I die it's only a repair bill. I managed to clear my way through the top floor and down to the second NPC I needed on the second floor. Which was a bit of a pain, considering how hard these mobs hit. I was impressed I had gotten this far, a few scary moments with pathing mobs and trying to time some heals just right had me a bit stressed. Upon a group, of about six mobs, spawning in front of me I noticed they walked slow like zombies. I could see the last quest NPC (three of them I had to get to) from there, I threw up a reactive heal and ran though those zombies, which ended up being like 20 mobs behind me! Grabbed the quest and ported out before they could touch me. All in all it was a bit more than I had been expecting but I was proud to have finished it up!

So, today or tomorrow I'll be moving back to Freeport. I could stay in Qeynos but I just have always been in Freeport with the inquis, so it feels like home. I know both sides very well and like them equally, maybe it is the Freeport revamp pulling me back over there. That and the fact that Dire is over there too.

Dire managed to hit 85, pass me in AA's (!!) and get his flying mount, this weekend! Proud of him, he has been working hard at catching up to me. I am glad he's enjoying it still. So that's what I have been up to, this, that- some guild groups and other stuff I won't bore you with. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!



  1. I hadn't realized you were on Crushbone. /wave if you see Lyriana about. :)

  2. Oh cool! I'm mainly on as Nyomi :D Maybe I'll see ya around!




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