Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daily Adventures (Vanguard, EQ2)

In EQ2 I've mainly been dabbling with alts. I am really wishing November would get here so I can play with mercs and the new beastlord class. I enjoy my inquisitor but the thought of playing a new interesting alt has been too tempting. Dire is about 8% from level 90 with his shadowknight! We duo the Shard of Love instance quite often, lots of nice cosmetic goodies in there.

We'll both probably work on alts a good bit, until the expansion. the guild has been very inactive with people logging in, I suppose it's just a summer slump and hope it passes. Maybe GU61 (update) may bring some more interesting things to the table for people to log in and check out, we'll see.

I've been wanting to level my latest EQ alt up but I keep getting sucked into Vanguard instead. I'm actually playing the first character I ever made, when I first tried the game out as a trial. She is a disciple and I enjoy the class a lot. I still want to level my druid and necro up, probably work on them here and there.

I have a hard time picking a class in Vanguard sometimes. Most classes really seem to be slow going, they start to be more fun around level ten. The druid was fun from the start, the necro was full of death, my own death, heh.  I also think the mobs you deal with on the trial island are a bit tougher and more tightly packed together than the original starting areas. I'm a bit tired of the island so I rarely start there. I find the home cities to be more interesting.

So, I've been working on the disciple and it is an enjoyable class. A healer who heals through DPS, sort of. At times I miss my cleric but not so much lately, I might make another on this account, I already have enough alts at the moment though! I want to play one character up and see more of this gorgeous world that is Telon!

I joined the disc in my old guild, took me awhile but I found them. I'm so bad with names, I actually forgot the guild's name and had to look up my cleric to find it. Upon joining back I was told I would need to sign up on the forums or I'd be cut loose. Which I had something to say to that. I mean I hadn't been playing for awhile, what is the big deal with a casual guild?

I decided to not get all huffy as the leader is actually quite nice and promoted me to full member after doing that. It only took a few seconds and I don't know if I'll ever check the site, it has some interesting things but it seems a lot of Rift stuff on the front page, meh! I want to read about Vanguard, since I'm playing it. Afterwards, our guild leader sent me several huge bags for being a member, so I guess it paid off not getting upset about it, those bags are huge and will make playing much easier. Now I don't have to run back to sell as often!

Sometimes it really feels like playing a RPG game, in Vanguard. It is so easy to get lost and caught up in the surroundings and music. The cities are so intricate and detailed, full of so many sights. It's quite lovely. I cannot wait to see some of the holiday stuff, hopefully I'll be high enough to engage some of it!

Safe adventures!


  1. If there is one good thing about Vangaurd it's that there are plenty of races and classes to choose from.

    I admit to not having played much of Vangaurd but since I have a station account maybe I should at least pop in now and again to see what it has to offer.

  2. Yeah there is a lot of variety in the game. It is really enjoyable and I am excited it is getting some bug fixes (we had one this week!!) and updates are inc!

    It's worth it if you have access or play even one other SOE game. This cycle I bought a 15$ card and was granted 23 days access. Wasn't sure how that would work out, figured I'd try it, not a bad deal, or just pay the 19$ for 30 days.




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