Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Minecraft Cake... Yum! (Thanks Encrazed Crafts!!!)

OM NOM NOM! So cute we could eat it, my cats already tried, literally.

A while back Encrazed Crafts had a pay it forward post going and I was one of the lucky ones to be able to participate. While nobody took me up on my offer (*sad face*) I was sent a really nifty gift from them. However the first package was lost or either stolen in the mail, which was a real bummer. But those kind folks decided to send me another package, which got here last night! Yay!

Maybe there is another heavenly cake in the box!

My kitties were pouncing on me to see what was in the box, before I could rip it open Tut was on the counter trying to get into the box. Weird, he never gets on the counters because he knows it bugs me. Then comes along Salem, mewing to see what is in my hand. Both are rubbing all over the box and what appears to be a... Minecraft cake!!! Very, very cool! My son (who loves Minecraft) just thought it was awesome.

While I was trying to read the note that came along with the fluffy stuffed cake, and hold it out of reach from rabid kitties, I see that the note says it was stuffed with (CAT DRUGS!) Catnip. Ok, maybe not cat drugs but mine go  LOOPY over catnip. LO-CO!

Yes, they got to play with the cake a bit, they fought over it then fought on top of it, after that I had to take it away because I didn't wank yucky kitty slobber all over it. Then they decided to take turns inserting their heads inside the package to smell the remnants of the heavenly cake. Once, already, one of them snuck onto my desk and carried it off.... 

A big thank you to Encrazed Crafts! It was truly adorable! If you're a minecraft junkie, head on over there, if not head on over there anyhow, always a good read! Enjoy the pics ;) 

They even took over the note...


No! MINE!!!

You wanna fight me for it?!!



  1. Be careful that Blizzard doesn't see those cats o' yours fighting, might just nerf feral drood spec dps output :P

    Glad they like it and that one ran off with it already! Sorry the first one got tampered with, but in the end it did teach me the pitfalls of the mail system. And to smack a tracking sticker on that sucker! That was awesome to see pan out haha Was like a very slow and ultra-high graphic setting version of Command and Conquer: Mail Wars or something ^_^

  2. Now they are thoughtful people! And you dont see that alot today! Wonderful things they sent!! And youre pics are lovely as usual!!

  3. @ Encrazed Crafts- Haha!

    Yeah, they had a blast! My son got the biggest kick out of them fighting over the 'minecraft cake'!

    Very kind of you to send this one after the first was lost, they kitties thank you many times over ;)

    I suppose we live and learn with the postal service. I am sort of weary of them at times!

    @Janet- Indeed they are! And ty, I wanted some action packed pics so I had to hurry and grab the cam before they tired out, lol!




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