Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ding 90!

The climb to 90 is over for Nyomi!
Yesterday I hit 90 with my inquisitor in EQ2! I'm pretty happy, after playing on and off for the last four years it is about time I actually hit the cap with a character. I've dabbled around and played on a few servers, following friends around and leaving alts behind, my next highest is a 70 necro but she is on another server. It's a nice feeling and there still feels like so much to do. Working on my epic/mythical weapons quest, public quests, daily stuff, groups, house stuff, tradeskills, progression through Destiny of Velious and so on. 

Dire hit 80 yesterday and I'm very proud of him, he is catching up with me! I'll be trying to help him catch up with these last final few, as much as I can. He is still enjoying things as much as me which is good. It's been awhile since we both played a game we enjoyed this much. I really look forward to playing my characters and progressing them. There always seems so much to do no matter what level you are. 

Our awesome T3 guild hall, I just love it!
Our guild has been wonderful. Helping with 90 gear and xp some. Bless their hearts they tried so hard to help with my last few levels, in the end questing was the fastest way, I went on a quest rampage yesterday. I stockpiled a bit of gear from one member mailing me things here and there and I also started doing public quests at 85 for gear. I shot up from about 14k hp to 21k with the gear switch at 89 to 90. Velious, which had been tough for me at 89, was much easier at 90 in the new gear. The new stuff is a huge help. The public quest gear is a big help and I'm going to try to drag Dire out there at 85 to start working on some for him. It makes a massive difference. 

Anyhow, as I starting saying, the guild has been great. We do groups on a regular basis and it is full of a fun bunch of people. Not a huge guild but a nice and close knit bunch of us.  It's nice to feel so at home in a guild again. I've had several of them tell me to start my epic quest and they'd be there to help whenever, which is nice because I never really thought too much about it. It always seemed something very out of reach. I plan on trying to work on it next week some. 

My new Conjuror.
Dire and I want to work on another couple of alts for dps classes when we want a change of pace from tank and healer. He will probably go with a scout or necromancer and I've already made a conjuror. The conjuror is very similar to the necro class but different enough for it not to feel like playing the same class over. I'm very excited about working on this alt, I already have her to 13 and it is quite fun so far. Plus I get a nice 20% xp veteran bonus for having a 90, yay! 

The dragon ring event is still going on our server. It is getting close to the end. I don't know if I will try to really be there for the very end of it, I have 200+ emblems just sitting there to use at the vendor. I may pass a few onto my alts. I did manage to get a title for the wizard spire and the bauble, which ports you to the Eastern Wastes. Very handy to have, I really want the Great Divide portal on my main and alt. Handy for getting out there for public quests! Plus some other fun stuff like the mount pictured above, for my alt. 

This weekend Friday- Sunday is a bonus xp weekend in EQ2. 100% Bonus xp! I will probably spend it helping Dire hit some levels, working on AA for my inquisitor and leveling the Conj too. 

Safe adventures! Have a great week! 


  1. Congratulations Kaozz! I am very happy for you. After the SOE debacle I just haven't gotten back to EQ2 to work on that same goal. Good luck with the endgame content.

  2. Hah! Doesn't it just figure that the xp boost kicks in right as you cap off? It's like they time it specifically that way sometimes ^_^

    At least the hubby will reap in the benefits, and since you're higher level you can help him out with the more difficult stuff and boost him even further!




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