Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Days (EQ2)

Today the Druid ring event starts back in EQ2, this evening actually. I'm glad it will be live again though I didn't mind it being down a few days to in order for it to be fixed so that more people could participate. I do want to be there for the end on my server, we'll have to see!

Things have been going really great, not getting bored with so much to do. I really love the Sentinel's Fate expansion and questing there, lots of fun quests, good rewards and even some fluff for a junkie like me. I have been doing a few quests in Velious but I will most likely wait until I hit 89 or 90, that stuff has a lot of hit points and it hits hard. I can solo out there but it slows down (currently 87), I figured the best bet would be to finish off what I can in SF. Plus I got a pet I have always wanted, this mean looking kitty pictured to the left. I suppose I just like the model for some reason, it reminds me of my (bad kitty) Salem.

I've been participating in the public quests which truly rock! I love public quests and I think more games should offer them. A nice deviation from the norm. Every hour there is a public quest to take part in and I've always had more than enough people to group with. I have some nice armor waiting on me for 90, from these events already, about five pieces. I'm pretty excited.

 Sorry for the short post today, in bit of a rush to head out! Safe adventures all.

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