Monday, July 11, 2011

Looking Forward To Updates- EQ2... & VANGUARD!

This weekend was full of lots of interesting news. Fan Faire gave us a lot of insight of what is in store for EQ2, which I mentioned some of those things in my last post. Beastlords are looking really cool! Mercenaries will be in  four 'flavors': Tank, Heals, Ranged DPS and Melee DPS. I am excited about that, our duo will become more rounded out when we can't find a group!

EQ2 is also getting a (same server) Dungeon Finding System. I think this will be a great thing, keeping things more or less local and in check but offering the ease of an automated system instead of spamming chat constantly. Lots of really fantastic things seem to be in store for EQ2 in the months ahead. Just next month GU61 is planned to release and in November the next expansion is due out. Lots of content! Check out EQ2Wire, tons of info there. I really am thankful for the work Feldon put into getting all this information to us over the weekend.

Great, and I mean GREAT, news for Vanguard players: Vanguard will be getting some updates! It isn't clear just when or what exactly, check out the article on Massively. There are a few tidbits there about just what the direction will be. I about fell out of my chair upon reading the headline ;) Very exciting news, I am so happy Vanguard will be getting the love it needs!

I'm chugging along in EQ2. One more level until flying, I cannot wait! I've not done very much with housing but I have been itching to, just trying to get some levels out of the way first. It has been sort of slow because I've been sort of.... lazy! Dire is still playing and he is catching up to me, he hit 71 over the weekend that was about three levels which was very nice for him. I'm glad he is enjoying his return to Norrath. We also decided to get our leapers last week. It was fun doing the quest together, even if we did blow through it.

Right now it is very nice to be playing a game together again. Especially one we can enjoy and be laid back with. No pressure and we can duo quite easily, even while he is trying to catch up. Lots of things to look forward to with the game, very glad to be back!



  1. Glad you managed to snag some Dire time! Now you just need to tie his legs to the chair and your good.

  2. Haha! Yeah, seriously!




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