Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flying High At 85 (EQ2)

Flying! Yay!

I have been playing mostly EQ2 this week, slowly progressing to my latest goal 85- Which I hit! It is a special milestone for me since I can now fly and I am only five levels from the cap. I am really enjoying my time back in Norrath, very glad I picked back up on the inquisitor. She is my highest character so hitting the cap is sort of a big deal for me, as I have poked along in EQ2 on and off for the last four years. Just five more levels to go!

Recently I managed to max out my faction in the city of Erudin. With factions, in EQ2, there are rewards such as gear, housing items, mounts and other neat odds and ends. I was excited about this since I obtained a few gear upgrades as well as some fun housing items being unlocked to me. Questing along from 83-85 went smoothly and before I knew it I had maxed out my faction, I wasn't even expecting to do this!

Funky boss fight with guildies, bouncing around in this shot.

I managed to group up with a few guild members recently, which was fun. I managed to snag a nice weapon that Dire will be able to use in a few levels, so he was real happy about that. Getting closer to the max opens up new doors when it comes to grouping, which is great. I'm starting to feel like I'm part of things again. There is still much for me to learn but I am taking things slowly, the level cap isn't going anywhere (for several years, or so they say- Which I am glad about).

I might take a day [or few, lol] off of leveling and work on some housing. I have really been wanting to do some stuff but I wanted to get 85 out of the way first. I wanted to FLYYYYYY! How is flying? It's great. While the leaper mount was a huge help for questing, and yeah fun at some points, the flying mount is so much nicer. Especially if you have wrist problems- it makes light work on travel.

I just love this mount. I like how the barding ties in with the wings.

I also had some awesome customer support, this week. That is always great to see in the game of choice! Not too much else is new. Just chillin' out and having fun in Norrath. Dire is still playing, which makes me happy.

Hope everyone has a great day. Safe adventures and all that ;)


  1. Heya Kaozz,

    That's a pretty mount. What's the max level in EQ?

    Congrats on the gear upgrades, that's always nice. Even better when you can group with buddies/guildies. :)

  2. Oh, I got your email and responded to you. I'm not sure if I sent you an email from that address, so check your spam folder. /hugs

  3. @ Pouncie- Heyas! It is 90. No new cap in the next expansion, will give me a nice break from leveling!

    And ty!

    I got the email, need to reply to you still!


  4. Congrats on getting the awesome looking flying mount!




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