Friday, July 8, 2011

Yay- Beastlords! (EQ2)

My EQ Beastlord.

Yesterday evening I saw EQ2 Wire had some really interesting info on the new EQ2 expansion. We've all been hearing about the new class and many have assumed it would be the beastlord. I figured it would because that would be the only one missing from the original line up (as in Everquest). I was very happy to hear that it indeed is the new class! Here are a few things that were mentioned:

* Tradeskill Apprentices
* Reforging items (Changing stats around, customizing items).
* Increased AA limit
* Mercenaries — NPC players to help fill out a group (more info in tomorrow’s panel)
* Beastlord — 25th class
* Build your own dungeon system

I was surprised to read about mercs being an addition. Many people may be hesitant but it will help round out groups or make duoing certain aspects a bit more cushy. I do look forward to mercenaries and hope to see more than just healers and tanks, I'd like to see DPS mercs right off the bat.

Build your own dungeons? That has some potential, especially for those of us who love housing and being creative. I am wondering how this will pan out. Seems like it could be a lot of fun.

This expansion is scheduled for November of this year so it looks like we don't have a huge wait ahead of us. I am very excited about some of the additional things being added but I still have much I want to do with Velious, like hitting the level cap! I'm not going to regurgitate the info out there that has been posted up, check  out EQ2Wire here. Also check out ZAM, I saw mention of authenticators there. And you can tune in live- more info here. Very exciting stuff and.... YAY BEASTLORDS!



  1. I would be shocked if DPS was not an option, because that's probably the easiest to implement and balance. There's plenty of room to implement an NPC that does more DPS than an empty slot (which does 0) and less than an actual player. The concern comes in for any situation where the NPC can actually substitute for a live player outright - why risk inviting a PUG who might not be that good, if your trusty merc can do the job fine?

  2. They listed earlier today that they will have ranged and melee dps mercs so I am quite happy to hear this!

    We have them in EQ and if anything they have helped me and my duo. We still group and it is nice to be able to fill some empty spots sometimes.

    I look forward to having them. Many people in EQ used mercs and happily dropped one for a real player, at least the groups I have been in. I don't think they are as bad as people thing.

    Plus in a small way this might be a little competition for the upcoming TOR and the companions ;) I think it might be something mainstream in the next few years- AI group members.

  3. Also something to bare in mind that the new Diablo 3 game that's coming out. They have announced the re-insertion of Mercs in that, which was used thoroughly in Diablo 2. And I found them to be quite useful......but very quiet folks.

  4. Yeah, they were always very handy in D2. I love mercs in most any game.




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