Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap: On Hold (EQ2)

Last week the EQ2 world event to rebuild the druid and wizard spires was released, on most servers it was almost completed the first day. I managed to get out there the next morning, pretty early too. I had read, on the forums, that progress was flying by, I really wanted a chance to see it. The cycle was suppose to be on a three hour timer (with errand quests in between) but instead it was every thirty minutes, so on Friday the EQ2 team took the event down, I think it was because not everyone would have a chance to complete it. Hopefully Tuesday it will be hotfixed and go live once again.

I'm glad though because it really was going too fast. Some servers reported completing the final event with no rewards and they want compensation. I don't know what will, if anything, be done about that. I do think everyone deserves a chance to log in and take part at working on the rewards.

I didn't play much over the weekend, had a stressful weekend and wasn't feeling well but Sunday night we managed to do an instance which was pretty fun. I also did some questing and house decoration. I am pretty close to 86, not rushing it. I'll probably make an alt once I hit 90, something to dabble around on the side.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. Hope everyone had a great one.

Check out updated news about the EQ2 world event at EQ2Wire

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