Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look Before You Leap- EQ2

EQ2 is adding two new mounts to the ranks- Gliders and Leapers. Kind of cool, but really, I think they'd be better off just letting lower players fly around mid level, maybe even at thirty. I would hate to glide or leap into a bad spot! I used the temporary flying mounts on my alts over the weekends they were added in and I think they made a huge improvement for leveling lower-mid level characters. It made things so much nicer and things seemed to flow real well, just my 2cp.

I suppose we'll get all our alts there in the end, to flying mounts. It just seems a bit severe to wait until the level cap, especially for those who like to linger and adventure, taking their time as they level. Flying would add such a nice aspect to adventuring through all the levels. Interesting ideas but I suppose we'll have to see how they turn out. Check it out on the official site. And I had my hopes up for lowbie flying mounts...! Ah well, at least my alts will be able to... leap.



  1. I think I'd actually prefer leaping to flight. There's too much questing content that becomes trivial when you can just ignore all the mobs and swoop in for victory.

  2. My first time around I would agree, there was a sense of danger. On my alts, I just enjoyed the flight, while I had it and, yeah, it WAS less annoying ;)

    But as someone who loves to explore and mostly work on my housing, these days- It added a new dimension to the same ol' zones. Plus most of the mobs you can just run past/through anyhow.

  3. True, my perspective may be skewed because my main is a Fae Dirge - I could already speed, glide, and stealth past just about anything long before there were officially flying mounts. :)




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