Thursday, June 9, 2011

SOE- More Bang For Your Buck!

Since the SOE welcome back promotion, I've kind of slacked off playing much. I had plans to, and I still have time. So, I figure I might as well try to get the Mr. to play a little EQ with me at least. Maybe reactivate Vanguard, since the time is there waiting on me to use it. I've always been interested in getting further in Vanguard but I'm a complete noob. So, here's my chance.

And if I get attached to multiple SOE accounts? Well the new station access plan is looking mighty tempting. $19.99- A month for all of their games. EQ2 is still NOT ftp, but EQ2X is, I still play the actual live EQ2 game (both actually), so it would benefit me. I play EQ, I like Vanguard and heck I may even mess around SWG here and there. I think if my husband did this, he'd eventually try PoTBS, seems something he may enjoy, and he does have a EQ2 account too. So it would benefit us if we did this. Currently I have no subs, WoW just lapsed, since 4.2 isn't out, and who knows when it will be out. Maybe I can get those last few levels on my inquisitor and not feel pressured.

I think it is a really awesome deal for those of us who do enjoy multiple SOE games. I've been playing SOE games for years so it is very enticing to me. Playing EQ with the Mr. and having access to something besides EQ would help me not get bored and wander off as easily (I tend to do this when I am just subbed to EQ, getting lonely when there is nobody to group with). I think that is a big problem of just having one sub- for me. I have had station access in the past and enjoyed it but I still didn't think it was worth it for the amount of time I spent in each game. This plan, a little more than you'd pay for one game- More than enough reason to actually sub, for me.

Will it attract new customers? It may entice a few, I think mostly it will really give people a reason to check out other SOE games. It may gain some new customers but I think mostly it will draw in old customers especially. It's really a great deal so it might just appeal to many people interested in multiple games, like myself.

As far as trusting SOE? After the hack incident- Anyone can be targeted like this, it is an unfortunate thing that happened to them. They don't want to lose customers or money and I'm sure things have been locked down tight. Problems can happen, look at the Mythic deal that happened awhile back, charging people thousands of dollars--By accident. All we can do is move past it. How many people do you know of that had anything stolen? I can't think of any cases I've heard of as yet.

So, my verdict for the new SOE station access? Thumbs up! Plus, you also get some other cool stuff, which really puts the icing on the cake- Extra SC each month, extra character slots ( I really need two more in EQ!), along with a dew other things. A mighty fine deal indeed.



  1. Wait, Station Access comes with free monthly SC? I thought that was just the Platinum EQ2 subscription?

  2. I admit it's very tempting. I might think about getting in on this; I mean, I've always wanted to try DCUO and putter around in SWG again, that alone already makes it worth it.

  3. @ Green Armadillo- It has been awhile since I did the station access but I was pretty sure I received bonus station cash when I did. But it has been awhile, I'll give an update next time I re-sub for one, in a couple of weeks. Plus, it could change if it were the case, with the price going down :(

    @MMOGC- Yeah I want to try DUCO eventually and give SWG another try, it has such a great community.

  4. Great Post! Your Blogs looking really super Stream~lined!

  5. Twenty bucks for Station Access? Sold! I haven't been playing MMO's much over the past year but I have recently started to feel the itch to play some again.

    I have jumped into SWG lately, but only a few times to see how things were. The cool thing for me is that I have free time for every SOE game, so if I get the Station Access they add my free time and I'll get an extra four months free on top of my first month. So five months for twenty bucks? Sold!

  6. It is a real good deal, probably one of the best if you are going to, or even want to, hope around with several SOE games. There are some really good ones so it's a great deal IMO :D




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