Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More FTP Adventures

I suppose that lately I'm just looking for something refreshing and new, trying a lot of FTP MMO games. Is it working? I think so. I've played subscription games for so long and it's nice to break away from the mold. I want to experience game-play and quests that are fresh and new to me. So, while I wait on WoW's patch 4.2 to hit, I'm exploring many different MMO games. So, you'll probably be reading about more in the near future. At least until I find one to settle down with, for awhile. I have a new contender which I am currently leaning towards. More about that later.

While I was pretty stoked about Prius Online, the whole PvP thing really isn't my style. I'm considering putting the game on hold in hopes of a PvE server. I am not too sure, just yet. Still logging in here and there to accumulate some xp with quests. I'm just not hyped on the idea of getting ganked while questing.

I've been messing around with Ether Saga Online still but I think I may put this one on the back burner for a bit. Nothing wrong with the game, it has a great pet system, cool mounts and lots of sparkle. I just run out of bag room so quickly that I feel put off lately. I've played more BoI, the past few days than ESO. Battle of The Immortals is great, lovely game with lots to do. I actually did an instance to get my first mount which was fun. However this one is PvP also, meh.

Seems to be an ongoing problem with me. Right? I tried to do the PvP thing, years ago. My brothers, son and I all played 2Moons when it released. I quickly grew tired of getting ganked all the time, we did play quite a lot and I still enjoyed the game but-- I just hated feeling on edge all the time. I heard Acclaim shut its doors and 2Moons is gone. However, I was poking around the other night and saw that another company bought it out and it is now called Dekaron. You can even get your old characters back. I only managed to get one, some are still missing but it brought back lots of memories logging in. Good times.

Then there is Runes of Magic. I've been kind of neglectful with this one. I log in still but not for extended periods of time. Just been trying a lot, it is still on my favorites and I still make a point to play it once or twice a week. I'll pick back up and gain more momentum before long I'm sure. It's really a top notch FTP game.

Starting out as a normal human.
I recently decided to try one more PWE MMO game, Jade Dynasty. From what I had read, well, I just didn't think it would appeal to me. I do like to try things out for myself to see if I like them. In the end the lovely scenery, cool game-play and just the overall feel of the game won me out. Plus, it has PvE servers, a huge plus for me.

The game has such a lovely feel to it. I love the scenery, peaceful, tranquil, with some great music too. Relaxing and mysterious and I love the Asian setting it has. I suppose it reminds me of some of my earlier FTP adventures. This game has a great quest system, snazzy gear, pets and some really cool classes. The humans get to pick a class at level 15, kind of odd. It zooms by though. The other race doesn't wait to pick, so that is an option if you want to chose something right away. I am almost 30 now and I really am having fun. I chose the Modo class, it seemed like a class I'd like.

After choosing my class, starting to look  interesting! I can has--Wings?!
The game has a pet system, which fight alongside you and it is cool to have a sidekick. Not a huge bunch of options for pets but I was granted a cute little -free- pig pet around level 10. Players also get something called an Esper. Basically this controls your character while you are AFK and will grind mobs and loot them for you. It has some neat settings and while some people may look down on it, it is handy for grinding out some money and a little xp. There is also the auto-routing system. Handy for those long runs, we do a lot of running in JD! Easy mode? Well, I like having options. Great for doing housework and playing at the same time!

I think it is nice to have options. Currently my character is grinding out a little money for her level 30 gear, I want to make sure she has more than enough. Muwhaha! And to top it off there is the meditation option, while in town you get a slow but steady stream of experience while meditating. I'm not sure but I think it caps out at a certain point, each session.

The gear is really nice looking and has a very unique feel. Unlike some games where you still look like you're a 'noob' at the level cap... Lol, like my hunter in WoW! Mounts are available at level 40 or so, might be 45 actually. Or, you can always buy one in the cash shop, I think at 30. I'm currently running around on foot.

The reasons I like the game so much would be the interesting classes and the overall feel to the game. I especially like the class I am playing, I can transform into this banshee looking creature. I also enjoy the scenery, the world is so vast, so much to see and take in. Plus the game-play is actually pretty enjoyable.

We'll see how it goes through the week. One thing I have been having a problem with in EVERY FTP game, would be- BAG SPACE!! Some of them make acquiring money a problem too, not all of them, Prius was quite nice about having extra spending money. I'd say I had the least amount of trouble with bag/bank space and money with Prius... Why does it have to be open PvP!? Ah well. We'll see how I get on in my adventures in Jade Dynasty, let's hope for the best ;) Safe adventures all.


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