Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

I've been a bit lazy this summer with posting and commenting, especially on some of my favorite blogs. I still read  way too many- on my android. I just have had less time with it being summer. Plus, I'm getting over a yucky cold. A cold in summer!? Anyhow I thought I'd just ramble on about a few things today.

Lately my husband and I don't play any MMOs together. He plays a lot of golf online, which I think is boring but he plays it with my stepfather and they are crazy about it. Maybe a bit too crazy ;) However, he is working almost seventy hours a week and hopping into a MMO isn't what he feels like doing, being so tired. So, I've been keeping an eye out for something we could play casually together very casually. Something where levels won't make a huge difference, between us, where we can quest and do stuff together in a short amount of time. It seems EQ has too much setting up involved so we're not playing that much at all. I'm trying to get him interested in Vanguard.... slowly. Hopefully he'll take the bait sooner or later!

I have been playing Little Big Planet with my son on the PS3. I knew he would like it a lot, I told him he should grab that for one of our free welcome back games. He also grabbed Dead Nation, which he thought was underwhelming. LBP is quite cute and I really wish I had some screenshots to share, hehe. It is fun with two players too, you have to work together for certain parts. Plus I love playing dress-up and the stickers.

E3 has come and gone, I really didn't say anything about it. I suppose nothing really excited me much. I did follow it though. I think SW:TOR had some interesting stuff showcased, but the game is still a ways off and I am not big on hype. I remember writing about all the hype almost exactly one year ago... With this very game. I am looking forward to it, but I'm not really thinking about it much.

I was a bit let down that Fable: The Journey was strictly console, with Kinect. One of these days I suppose I'll get another 360 so I can get excited about those games. Right now I am a bit burnt with the xbox live customer service and excess charges, having to cancel a credit card and all. I'm still wary of those jerks and their terri-bad customer service.

Jade Dynasty and Battle of The Immortals have events going on now. Double XP and quests. I just haven't had too much time for logging in with my free time lately. I want to pop in this evening though to see what it's all about.

Everquest mounts just got an update'- Mount control has been tightened up considerably. When using a mount you will reach top speed much faster than before, and stop even faster. While in combat, the movement is still tighter than before, but not as responsive as when out of combat.
- All mounts available in the marketplace are now Heirloom. This is retroactive to those already purchased.' 

I am very glad! I need to poke in there and see how these changes feel. That is always one thing that bothered me about EQ mounts, they took forever to stop! You could use an insta click item and they would stop on a dime, still will. But who feels like clicking on their AoN every time they want to stop! Plus heirloom mounts make it much nicer to buy one and share it with alts.

Today Pirus opens up the cash shop. Oh keep me away from it please!! I have got to log in and check it out. I want to see how it will fare in this game, or rather how this game will fare with it. So far the game has been fine without the need for any cash shop items. I've just been a carebear and sort of not playing it as much, dreading the PvP levels. Though many PvPers are complaining about the harsh penalties. Hahahaha! *cough*...That is all. 

And, last but not least Eden Eternal went into open beta today. I had gotten a CB key from Massively and tried it out. A nice and cute game, maybe a bit too cutesy for me actually, combined with looking like the characters popped out of a Saturday morning cartoon, it is a bit much for me. Game play is nice though but I couldn't find any sort of quest tracker. They had some neat mounts and pets. All around it looked like a nice game.

That's about it for today, catch ya on the flip side ;)


  1. Underwhelmed by Dead Nation? Egads! Does he not know of the rankings? The massive, global rankings of zombies killed to date? That US is ahead by like guh-zillions?! That's something to strive for! To be proud of! We are a healthy zombie-slaying machine of awesome. Fly your anti-undead flags high, my friend!

    Admittedly, unless he played it already, he probably should have went with InFamous. (InF and ZN were my top picks ^_^) Can't do much now that you tagged both games already, but if you have another oldish account you can snag another two!

    I made a brand new account for the Misses but it was too new, told me we couldn't get any games with it :( Luckily I recalled another one I made just to play the open beta of MAG so I got both games I liked as well as LBP for the Misses (She'll probably get the super stardust one as her secondary.)

    By the way, did ya know the same people that made Super Stardust made that zombie game? Quite the jump, eh?! While you guys might not enjoy it, I'm still bowled over by the detail that went into it. The levels alone reak of survivors trying to last the ravages of the event. Large flowing banners of "Need Water" and the hundreds of cans and garbage that litter the streets that pang and flitter as you run over them.

    Is it a problem with the combat? I'd recommend slowly clearing the levels and taking your time instead of dashing madly to the end. It's pretty cake until the Slashers start popping up, but even then when ya know when to duck it's not bad ^_^ If I was not cursed with a uber secure internet since the most recent update, I'd volunteer to play with him, but said secure rating on my PS3 blocks almost all online games with peeps >.<

  2. Aw, not too sure why he wasn't big on it. He played it for a few days then moved onto the other free DL (LBP), lol. It seemed like a nifty little game though.

    Not sure what his beef was but I will pass on your tips for sure :D

    Hrmm, we might have another login, I will have to check, that is a very good idea! I did that with my EQ2 claimable items from the WB (LoN) deal, house items heh, stuck them in my main's house. I had about three other accounts I could claim with so why not!




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