Friday, June 18, 2010

SW:TOR- Hyped?

I haven't really been all that excited over SW:TOR. I tend to wait and see how things go on  most upcoming MMO games, all the hype tires me out and I try to not get caught up in it. Though after playing Dragon Age: Origins I've really been impressed with BioWare.

That combined with seeing some new game play videos and hearing more on how the game is developing. It is starting to look more impressive than it was a few months ago. I have heard some debate on the trinity system and it appears to have made it into this game as well. Which is fine with me, it's really a hard mold to break out of honestly and it is tried and true. Things like Range tanking are also really very cool.

New aspects like companions did not catch my fancy, to begin with, then after playing DA:O my stance on this has changed. They add depth and charm to a game, so this is something I am really looking forward to. No more boring stoic henchmen that just following you around, draining money and items (depending on the MMO you play). This really sounds very appealing.

The game is looking good to. While I am, at heart, a medieval  based fantasy lover I think the setting for this game could still offer appeal to many audiences. The graphics are not too intense but they have their charm, which is a good balance. Being a fully voiced game, that will be interesting to see as well. If the voice acting is as good as what I've seen in the past then I am sure it will be a fantastic addition.

While it's too early to tell how everything will pan out I am looking forward to getting my hands on this game. It still has a way to go for release so I'm trying not to get too hyped. I am reading on it here and there though. Are you looking forward to this release? Or are you tired of hearing about it when it's so far off?



  1. The bits I saw of SW: The Old Republic looks great. I'm not sure if it would keep me playing long-term though, but I imagine I would at least check out at some point.

    I love BioWare, I've been a fan of their games for quite some time. I'm sure I'll check out Dragon Age, although it most likely will be when my schedule isn't as hectic.

    I do miss Pouncealot, I'll eventually pop on her and say hey. I'm just not sure when?

  2. I have hopes that it will be something fresh and fun. I'm not holding my breath or anything but I am getting a little more excited :D

    I think I have 2 weeks left on my WoW account and it's still not restores...sigh. I would sort of like to log in.




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