Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Round Up

So... Blogger has been down (the posting aspect) for roughly 20 hours, due to data corruption problems. AND it seems to have deleted posts, but they are in the process of being restored. Yeah, it ate one of my posts too, one from two days ago. Check out all of the info here. Anyhow, I suppose I'll just briefly touch on some things I've wanted to mention over the last few days.

First off I want to thank Keredria over at Tree of Life for her gift, the cenarion hatchling. She had a most generous giveaway last week, offering the pet to ten random commenter's. She ended up pulling an Oprah and buying everyone a pet! Very, very thoughtful and for a good cause! That's me blowing it a kiss, up top!

I finally finished up the Hyjal quests in WoW, with the hunter. It was enjoyable but now I am sort of waiting around on the next patch. I am excited over the new content! Until then I think I will be working on trades and archeology, maybe a few quest hubs for some monies too. Playtime has slowed down some but I'm still playing. I'm not going anywhere else anytime soon.

I finally got through the Sims Medieval tutorial. I have always played some type of Sims game, over the years, and really like this one the best out of them all. It is a fun change of pace. I try to finish my quests while doing all kinds of silly stuff, just taking my time. It is really addicting sometimes! Time passes so quickly when playing this game. It's really a great addition to my single player games. But I end up playing it in spurts, but that isn't a bad thing, it is always there.

I've been wanting to play something on the side, as I always do. Since Free Realms is down... More on that in a few, I tried to log into LoTRO and pick up with my characters, but I was so lost. It took me a lot of running around to remember exactly where I was and by then I was too tired to play. I've tried to log in a few times and get back my bearings but so far it isn't working, I've died a few times too, not helping there, lol. I might have to just create a new character, I don't know if I feel like doing that at this point in time. I do like the laid back feel to the game, the housing, fluff and so on but the UI feels so clunky sometimes. However, it is a nice game and I'd like to actually get to experience more, maybe before long.

I decided to pick up Runes of Magic again. I've played it but I've never really played it. You know how it goes, you want to try some FTP game, you log in get a few low levels and think, that was fun I'll have to log in again sometime.... And then you never do. I'm level 10 now, I could be higher but I've been checking out a lot of things within the game such as the pet system and using the auction house to make some money, I made 50k yesterday! Things in this game are expensive so that will go quite fast.

Looking around.
Traveling to the city.
Illusion potion, bunny time.
Easter questing.
New pet FTW! He is so cute and fat!!

I really am enjoying RoM and it has a lot of my fluff cravings covered- Pets, housing, holiday events and so on. Currently the Spring Festival is here so I have been working on that, it is a fun little event with a lot of neat things to do. So, I expect to play this one for awhile as my side game, I always seem to have to have one or two. The controls and UI, as well as combat, feel fluid. It is probably a lot more fluid feeling than most FTP MMO games, even Forsaken World, which I loved. Plus it is a beautiful world and easy on most computers. I am a bit tired of heavy graphics on realism in a lot of games. I want fantasy! Not realism simulated.

Eleven days and SOE is still down. They now have a 'Make Good Plan', which has a few neat things for Free Realms, the only one I currently have a sub with, lifetime. Woo, 20k coins and gifts for me. Better than nothing. Do you think they are dragging things out just a bit too long? I mean this is SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT, not some small time company. Even if the company has suffered some losses and setbacks this year they are one of the oldest in the industry, surely they could have sped things up? The communication has been a bit sketchy too. We're offline again today, thanks, working on it... Day after day. I just want to know more, I think a lot of people do. At least they touched base, I suppose.

I don't think this will cause SOE to shut its doors. I think most will go back to their games, glad to see their characters. Some people will have moved on but I think the majority just want to play their games again. This may give SOE a bit of a bad rap, but in time it will fade. Some of their games may take a hit, only time will tell. As a long time customer to their games, over ten years, I hate to see this happen to them and all the bad press along with it. Hopefully we'll be able to play our games again soon, eat up some double xp in some games and show off new gifts in others!

Oh, and it is Friday the 13th! I watched a slew of The Haunted episodes today, I love that show! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Safe adventures in RL and game :)



  1. LOL I have been goofing off in LotRO a bit as of late myself. All I ever played of it before was the free trial before it went F2P. I rolled a Hobbit on Landroval. He's only level 5 though. I haven't put too much time into it.

    I downloaded Wizard 101 to see if it would be something I could play with my son. That would be kind of neat.

  2. I play on that server too, add Heavenli to friends! I may log on a little this weekend, depends on how much fun I have with RoM, hehe.

    I tried Wizard 101 and couldn't get into it as much as Free Reams, it was neat but it didn't seem to have as much to do. Hope you guys have fun trying it together!




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