Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mob Density & The Tree Climbing Pig

Pig! Get out of the tree! This pic has nothing to do with this post... 

I was reading the Rift forums this morning and I found a post complaining about mob density and it really hit home to me. That is probably one of the biggest problems I have with the game. Mob density? The mobs in Rift really are packed too close together, making exploring annoying, making travel a real pain. Knocking you off your mount and killing you if you don't kill each and every mob in your path. You could, really, but what about those lowbie grey mobs? I mean what is the point of clearing those out?

I'm not going to even bother linking the post, it was so full of stupid. Some of the replies varied from downright silly to making no sense at all, with a few sane comments. Some people claimed to like the mobs packed together, claiming they loved AoE kills. ' GET WITH IT AND AOE.' They didn't want it to be 'easy' like WoW. Um, AoE killing not like WoW?

Hahaha... Hahaha...Ha...Ha.. 

Sorry... What was I saying? Are we on the same page here? And... What does traveling though a pack of rabid grey mobs do for me other than waste my time?

For instance, the other day I was on my 21 rogue and I ran through some level eight mobs. Had I not turned around to kill all five that attacked me, they would have killed me! Sad, I know. That's how I roll, running through packs of grey mobs as they rip and tear me to shreds, in hopes they will get bored and turn around. What do I benefit from this other than wasting my time? This happens all too often, and really.... It just causes me to not feel like logging in.

Some people claim it's lazy to not like this. Lazy? I don't want to kill every grey conned mob that knocks me off my mount? I have better things to do! I don't know about anyone else but I think it probably has to be one of the more annoying points of the game. I want to enjoy my time spent in the game not clearing paths to and fro.

Just my thoughts for the day. Stop making me slay pointless mobs!

And... woo patch day... it better be good!



  1. Hi Kaozz,
    That would annoy me too. Rift is still new, so hopefully they'll remove some of the minor annoyances. :)

  2. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    I've heard that complaint before, but funny enough, I've never really noticed the mob density being that bad. I mean, not being that much thicker than any other game, at least. Which areas are you having problems with?

  3. @ Pouncie- Heyas!
    Yeah, I doubt it though, one can only hope!

    @MMOGC- I've never seen it this bad in any game, not even EQ. Every zone I've been in so far I get knocked off my mount and mobbed to death, at some point. Sure I can stick to the roads but in places like Stonefield, it is really bad. So far the two zones I've encountered on the defiant side have had this problem :(

    Do you play on the other faction? Maybe it isn't as bad?

  4. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    I am level 50 and I take care about the path I choose take. I know that roads are not safe because mobs like to go close or cross them.

    By the way, why the wolf cross the road? For get the player taht use the road careless...

    Take care, it is not Azeroth...

    João Carlos

  5. Hehe, that wolf has gotten me a few times =p

    Yes, definitely not Azeroth. I have stealth on the rogue now so that helps some, getting past mobs safely!

  6. If you are a Guardian, I'd check out Moonshade Highlands. Me and my wife were being driven crazy by mob density, but this zone is SO nice that we never want to leave. The mobs are spaced just right, the quests are paced just right, it's just an amazing zone. Plus, it's really pretty and reminds me of something from LOTRO.

  7. I was considering going guardian because the zones seem nicer, currently I'm defiant. Sounds like a very nice zone, too bad I'm the wrong faction!




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